Find out which chore sends your neighbors running for the hills.

Cleaning Glove Thumbs Down
Credit: ToprakBeyBetmen/Getty Images

Americans can't agree on much these days—unless it comes to cleaning, apparently.

A recent survey from the American Cleaning Institute found that the majority of Americans can unite around their shared dislike for a certain household chore: cleaning the bathroom.

Fifty-two percent of respondents claimed that scrubbing their restrooms is the housecleaning task that filled them with the most dread. With 23% of the vote, cleaning the kitchen is the second-most-hated cleaning assignment, followed by by dusting with 21%, mopping with 20%, and the laundry with 17%.

Luckily, all that animosity isn't preventing people from keeping their bathrooms clean. A whopping 88% of those surveyed reported that their toilets are the part of their home they clean most regularly. Floors, arguably a home's largest surface, came in second with 80%.

And according to the survey, Americans spend a lot of time cleaning their homes. An average of six hours per week, to be exact. But if you ask the ACI, what matters most is not how long you spend cleaning, but how effective you are at it.

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To concur your bathroom-cleaning dread, they recommend prioritizing the most important tasks, which include disinfecting toilet bowls, sinks, tubs, and showers.

"Whether we deep-clean periodically or do more frequent light cleaning, what's most important is that we keep our families safer and healthier by removing germs, dirt and allergens that can build up," ACI's Vice President of Communication, Brian Sansoni, said in a release.

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