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Southern Living has gorgeous plans and how-tos for creative gardening ideas that will inspire every gardener to go outside and plant something. We also have tips, techniques, tools, and hundreds and hundreds of photos to get you on your way. We'll show you how to choose the best plants for your garden, what works best in your plant zone, and the latest trends in gardening ideas. Don't worry that it needs to be perfect. "A gardener learns more in the mistakes than in the successes," said gardening author Barbara Dodge Borland. We will make it easy and fun to amp up your gardener know-how and turn your outside into a flower- and plant-filled haven.

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The Best (and Worst!) Mulch for Your Garden
Our very own Grumpy Gardener gives you the low-down on the mulch varieties to buy and those to avoid.
Invasive Ferns Species You Should Avoid Planting Outdoors
Ferns are a go-to plant for Southern porches, but when it comes to foreign fern species, tread carefully.
The Best Way To Force Blooms Indoors
This age-old gardening tip tricks flowers into thinking it's time to bloom, meaning that you can have fresh color year-round.
If Your Hydrangeas Are Drooping, the Summer Heat Isn't the Only Culprit
We've got all the info on how to wilt-proof your hydrangeas, according to an expert.
How to Plant and Care for Sweet Pea Flowers
It's no wonder age-old sweet peas are still a favorite Southern floral. Here's how to grow them for yourself.
The Best Compact Hydrangea Varieties for Small Yards
Using these pint-sized hydrangea varieties, big blooms are possible in the smallest of spaces.

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The key to keeping your hydrangeas reblooming is a little TLC and a lot of pruning.
How to Fertilize Your Garden for Healthy Plant Growth

Actively growing plants need a steady supply of nutrients.