The Short Haircut That Always Flatters Round Faces

The most flattering look for softer jawlines. 

Side-Swept Bob
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What do Emma Stone, Mindy Kaling, and Selena Gomez have in common? Besides being gorgeous (obviously), these A-list ladies all have round faces. With style choices as diverse as the roles they take, these women prove that you can own the room (or the big screen) with just about any haircut.

But it's also true that certain looks can work more in your favor, flattering the unique features of your particular face shape. Our point? Picking a hairstyle isn't only about making your tresses trendy or choosing what catches your eye on Instagram. Instead, you should aim to find the one that suits your bone structure, since this is the sort of style you'll keep coming back to year after year.

Because, let's be honest: Does anyone ever get tired of the compliments that come with the perfect cut? We didn't think so. Read on to find out which style will best flatter the gorgeously curved contours of a round face.

Is Your Face Round?

Your first clue: Do you have a soft, not-very-angular jawline? If so, there's a good chance you're rocking the round look. The more technical measure: True circles have equal facial dimensions—that is, your face will be as long as it is wide, so that the widest point is its very center. Why this is a good thing: The openness of a round face makes you look fresh-faced and friendly (read: youthful).

What Haircut Works Well for Round Faces?

Lucky for you round-faced gals, circular faces are so naturally balanced that they can handle the visual asymmetry of angled layers and dramatic side parts. That means a rounder face shines with hairstyles that elongate and draw the eye downward. It's all about playing with proportions.

Enter the super side-swept bob. This stylish short cut flatters with its breezy bangs and lightweight layers, which graze your cheekbones and add playful asymmetry. Bonus: A deep side-parted bob is super-versatile (thus the style's persistent popularity), so it can be customized to fit any personality or style preference. It's also delightfully low-maintenance and grows out well.

What Should I Tell My Stylist?

If your face is round, the most flattering spot for your hair to hit is just below the chin. Anything above tends to exaggerate the width of your face's broadest expanse. Not ready to shed so many inches? Going longer is totally fine, since a round face can withstand the extra elongation; you can maintain a little length with either a lob or a shoulder cut. If you do decide to stick with shoulder-length, request face-framing side layers in lieu of bangs.

The Bottom Line

This side-swept, asymmetrical look helps balance the proportions of a round face. You won't lose the openness and softness that make your shape stunning, but you will gain a slightly edgier feel. If you've been grappling with which haircut to try next, consider this one the ideal, low-maintenance pick for round-faced beauties.

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