We already have time against us—we don't need our hair joining the fight.

There's a lot that goes into being a Southern woman. When it comes to taking care of ourselves, we know what works and what doesn't—well, sometimes. Our hair can be a finicky thing that we love to hate and hate to love. It's too easy to anger and plain hard to get right at times, but there are some things we can control to prevent us from looking older than we are (and feel!)—and you might not even realize you're doing them wrong. Here are some common mistakes you might be making that are causing you to look wise beyond your years (and not in the good way).

Mistake #1: Too long.

Long hair can sometimes act like gravity in that it pulls your facial features down, and we definitely don't want that anti-facelift. Split ends can also lead to thin and unhealthy looking hair, so it's best to keep it trimmed regularly (every 6-8 weeks). And there are some very flattering short cuts out there for you, if you're in the market.

Mistake #2: Too short.

Super short, that is. If you make sure to keep your hair healthy, there's no big rush to get a short cut, as so many women think is necessary once you reach a "certain age." Instead, focus on getting flattering cuts that use layers and the right color tones to keep your hair a little longer and still appropriate.

Mistake #3: Too dark.

As we get older, very dark, dyed hair can look too harsh. The monotone look of dyed-dark hair that's necessary for fully covering gray strands ages you because it lacks dimension and can look dull and life-less.

Mistake #4: Too light!

If you're still going bleach blonde, it's most likely not the right move. Not only can light hair wash out your complexion, but it can make your strands look way damaged. Add dimension with lowlights to give life to your hair and darken the overall tone a bit.

Mistake #5: Getting the wrong cut. 

Length aside—the actual cut is important too. As we get older, anything too blunt won't flatter our features. Likewise, hair that is all one length is not flattering because it pulls down your features and lacks movement. Layers are your best friend—they add movement, color dimension, and face-framing.

Mistake #6: Using the wrong products.

There's a delicate balance when it comes to using hair products. You don't want to use too many different products at once, as that can lead to product overload and build-up in your hair that weighs it down. But we do understand the power of a few key, high-quality products to help boost your 'do.

Mistake #7: Ignoring heat damage.

We know it's downright crazy down here in the South with our pesky humidity to not (at least, sometimes) use hot styling tools to tame your hair. But after a long time of usage, your hair can suffer from heat damage that increases split ends and makes your hair look fried. You can invest in pre-heat product to protect your strands or splurge on a high-quality deep conditioning treatment to get your hair healthy and smooth again.

Mistake #8: You're not embracing the gray—when you totally can.

Now, don't call us crazy, but there are great reasons to embrace your silver strands. You can skip the many trips to the hair salon for coloring (good for your hair quality and wallet!) and still have stylish hair. If you invest in keeping your hair healthy and get the right cut, it'll still look great no matter the color.