Legendary Musician Vince Gill Is Back On the Road Again

The country star returns for Season 3.

Vince Gill

About Vince Gill

The last time Vince visited with us was in October of 2020, right before his Christmas shows at the Ryman were canceled, and we are so happy to have him back. On this episode, Vince talks about getting his first real break from touring in almost five decades, playing to an empty audience at the Grand Ole Opry, and embarking on his first big solo tour in three years. Plus, Vince shares the stories of his stint as a vocalist with Pure Prairie League, the time Don Henley asked him to play with the Eagles, and the Grammy-winning song he wrote for his late brother, "Go Rest High on That Mountain."

What Vince Gill Talks About In This Episode

*Finding peace and using time during the pandemic

*Visiting Noshville, his favorite breakfast place

*Amy Grant's famous cheese grits

*His summer tour

*Touring with the Eagles

*Getting to know Don Henley

*Playing with Mickey Guyton

*Supporting the military

*His relationship with his older brother

*Growing up in Oklahoma

Quotes from Vince

"My favorite thing Amy makes are these cheese grits. We only get them once or twice a year for Easter and Thanksgiving, but that's some of the best soul food I've ever eaten."

Vince gill

There's just something about that red dirt that feels familiar. Climate feels familiar. Everything that's surrounding you feels familiar, even more so than it does here. I've lived in Nashville for almost 40 years; it's home. But so is Oklahoma, in a deeper way because those formative years of learning to play and learning to sing and playing baseball and basketball and anything with a ball, you know, so much of that, deep-seated stuff is driven by that red dirt in Oklahoma, so it'll always be home."

— Vince gill

"I feel grateful to go out there and play my songs, I can't even describe how much I've loved getting to tour with the Eagles for the last six years, and to to be on stage and facilitate in some way, some small way, those songs, getting to live on. And, it hasn't been lost on me, but it's made me miss the songs I wrote, and the career that I accomplished. And so I'm anxious to go out there and sing songs for the people that invested in me so kindly over all these years, and, just to get to ride around on the bus and crack jokes and hang with my old buddies. It's gonna be a blast."

"I don't see old pictures where he's not caring for me, holding me, carrying me, playing guitar with me, shooting pool with me. He was good to me. He was a great big brother, what you dream of."

"What was cool about my brother was, he was dealt a pretty rough hand, but he never complained about it. He treated it with great dignity and great character, and that's what I got to watch more than anything, and that was a great lesson."

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