Willie Nelson Gushes Over Wife Of 31 Years

"She's my lover, my wife, nurse, doctor, bodyguard."

Now in his 90th year of life, Willie Nelson has more appreciation for his wife than ever. 

The country legend reflected on his 31-year marriage to Annie D'Angelo and how she has contributed to his longevity in the latest issue of People

"I call her my pet rattler," he joked. "She's my lover, my wife, nurse, doctor, bodyguard."

Willie celebrated his 90th birthday last month with an epic, two-day concert extravaganza in Los Angeles. Long Story Short: Willie Nelson 90 included performances by Kris Kristofferson, Sheryl Crow, George Strait, Miranda Lambert, as well as the two sons—Lukas and Micah—he shares with D'Angelo.  

Willie Nelson and Annie D'Angelo

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Lukas echoed his dad’s sentiments regarding the Nelson family matriarch in a recent conversation with John Spong on Texas Monthly’s One By Willie podcast.

He described his mom Annie, Willie’s fourth wife, as “an amazing person” who deserves a good amount of credit for her husband’s long life. 

“She’s brilliant, she’s strong, and she’s full of integrity. I mean, she’s fiery. She’s a good balance to my dad,” Lukas shared. “The greatest thing about my mom is she takes great care of my father. Not the greatest thing—there’s many good things—but that is one of my favorite parts of her. How well she takes care of him and how she’s kept him healthy and alive and still doing what he loves for so long. I think he appreciates and respects that.”

Though his hearing isn’t what it used to be and he can only do martial arts routines “in his mind,” Willie told People that he has no plans to start sitting still. In fact, he credits his happiness to his famously jam-packed schedule. The nonagenarian plans to tour through the fall before being inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in November.

"I quit after every tour, then two days later I'm ready to go back," Willie said. "Billy Joe Shaver wrote in a song, 'Moving is the closest thing to being free,' and that's the way I look at it. I enjoy riding up and down the highway."

He is, however, slowing down.

"There's probably other things I will do and can do, but I'm not going to push myself too hard," Willie added. "I know one day it all ends, but I'm not rushing it."

We’re sure Annie is happy to hear that!

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