Willie Nelson Is Just Going To Keep Right On Touring

Willie Nelson still has no plans on retiring. Not for good anyway.

Last year, Nelson released an album to mark his 89th birthday. To celebrate turning the big 9-0 on April 29, Nelson is taking a page from one of his most beloved songs and heading out on the road again. Nelson will spend his 90th birthday at the famous Hollywood Bowl playing music with friends including Miranda Lambert, The Chicks, Chris Stapleton, Neil Young, Sheryl Crow, Kacey Musgraves, and even Snoop Dogg who are slated to perform with and celebrate Nelson. The two day celebration will run April 29 and 30 and while tickets are pricey, there are still some available. 

Willie Nelson

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The actor and activist has no plans to slow down just because of the number of candles on his birthday cake. "Norman Lear, a good friend of mine, turned 100 not long ago, and I told him, ‘I’ve been telling everybody it's just a number. Am I right?' And he said, 'Yeah, it’s just a number,'" Nelson told AARP in a recent interview. 

When asked if he's ever considered retiring from the road, Nelson can only laugh. "Jokingly, I retire after every tour," he told AARP. "But I’m always ready to go back again. I like the bus. I have everything I need on the bus. I never have to go into a hotel room anywhere. It’s not that bad."

So it’s clear that Nelson is going to keep on trucking. In fact, if anything, Nelson seems to be speeding up. “Working is really good for me,” he told AARP. In May, the Red Headed Stranger will be given the LBJ Liberty and Justice for All Award, before kicking off his Outlaw Music Festival Tour in June. He also released the album, I Don't Know a Thing About Love, last month. Then there was the five-part documentary about his life and work, which premiered at the Sundance Film Festival in January, and he won two more Grammy awards this year. Plus, he was nominated for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame this year and may join his pal Dolly Parton in the storied space.

Keep on trucking indeed, Willie. We won’t stop you. Happy birthday!

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