Strike stomach woes from your guest list with these easy tips.

Bride Eating Cupcake While Getting Ready
Credit: Getty Images/Lumina Images

You've been planning for months and you've finally made it. Garment bags in hand and bridesmaids by your side, you're ready to hit the ground running. Before you pop that first bottle of bubbly, though, take a quick look at that timeline. Have you remembered to pencil in something to eat?

Sure, a white dress shows no mercy and your stomach may already be a bit in knots, but today isn't the day to diet. Instead, fuel yourself with the right foods and you'll not only fit flawlessly into that one-of-a-kind number, but you'll have the energy to enjoy every moment of your Big Day, too.

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Avoid a sugar crash and beat wedding day bloat by banishing these six foods from the bridal suite:


Nerves may have robbed you of a good night's sleep, but today you'll need to cool it on the coffee. Stick to one small cup or try some herbal tea instead to avoid feeling too jittery and anxious.

Fried Food

As tempting as a Chick-fil-A nugget tray might be on your Big Day, you may want to steer clear. Greasy foods can lead to fatigue, and you've got a long, exciting day ahead of you.

Carbonated Drinks

Step away from the Diet Coke. The carbon dioxide in carbonated drinks can cause your stomach to expand and lead to an unwanted pooch. Avoid bloat by sticking with water.


We're typically all for a delicious cheese tray and there's nothing more comforting than a cheese pizza, but today it's the wrong choice. Since fatty cheese can be hard to digest, if may lead to bloating, fatigue, or an unsettled stomach.

Artificial Sweetner

Avoid sugar spikes from artificial sweetners found in snacks like sweetened cookies or sugar-free gum. Keep fruit on hand instead.

Spicy Food

Not only can spicy food lead to bad breath, but one wrong hot snack and you could find yourself with a serious case of heartburn. So unless your wedding is on Cinco de Mayo, you may want to stay away from the spice.

The most important thing to keep in mind, though? It's your dream day. If making it perfect means sipping on a second cup of Joe or snacking on your aunt's famous baked Brie in the bridal suite, then you better believe you should do it your way. That's what the Pepto and tin of mints in your emergency bridal kit is for anyway, right?