At this point, it's all coming together. The last thing you need is one wrong move to throw you off track.

Bride Getting Ready
Credit: Lumi Images/Patrick Frost/Getty Images

It's finally here…wedding week! We know you've labored for months to make it this far. So first, a whole-hearted congratulations for surviving ever-changing timelines, 5 a.m. spinning classes, bothersome budgets, and questions from everyone you know (they mean well!). You've almost made it to the finish line.

The next few days will definitely be a bit crazy, but with the right mindset and a bit of guidance, you'll love every second of it. Here are nine things you'll want to avoid in the final days leading up to "I do."

1. Don't second-guess yourself

You've been overanalyzing every wedding decision for months. It's time to trust yourself. Last minute changes, whether around décor or logistics, can create unnecessary chaos. Stick to your gut and don't look back.

2. Crash dieting is not your friend

The last thing you need is a "hangry" spell when everyone you hold dear is in town and your mother is asking about seating arrangements. You've just had your dress altered to fit perfectly, so stick to your regular, healthy eating routine to look flawless on your Big Day.

3. Now's not the time for a new, crazy workout

Play it safe at the gym, and exercise with caution. All that stands between you and hobbling down the aisle is one misstep on the TreadClimber. You don't want to be too sore to dance either.

4. Straying from your established beauty routine is not recommended

New creams or makeup? Deep facial treatments? It doesn't matter if your maid of honor swears by it. At this point, it's a bit risky. Who knows how your skin will react if you experiment with something new. Stick to what's already working to avoid breakouts or allergic reactions.

5. Don't wait until the last minute for a cut and color

Any major hair appointments, aside from day-of styling, should be handled long before now. Schedule time with your stylist a few months in advance to plan your wedding day look and stick to the same cut after the consultation. If your coloring needs a touch up, make the appointment before wedding week so there's plenty of time for tweaks if something goes wrong.

6. All-nighters are off limits

It's called beauty sleep for a reason. Staying up all night to finish your handmade place cards is a recipe for disaster, so pass the last minute DIY projects to your bridal party. This week is going to be amazing–but exhausting. You need your sleep.

7. Don't wait to break in your shoes

Whether you've got a comfy, backup pair to change into or not, now's not the time to start breaking in your heels. Instead, work them in over time. The last thing you need is a blister before the big day even begins.

8. Don't forget about your soon-to-be hubby

We get it. There's so much going on. But, he's the whole reason you're here, right? It's a special time for him, too. Don't forget to steal a moment, just the two of you, when you get the chance. Or, better yet, schedule for it. You need a good lookin' lunch date to take your mind off it all anyway.

9. Don't forget to breathe

Easier said than done. We know. Pass your wedding binder to your mother, bridal party, or wedding planner, and take a deep breath. Sure, there may be a few last minute questions that need your input, but don't be afraid to lean on your support system. You've done all the legwork. Now it's time to start enjoying one of the most wonderful weeks of your life.