Is this classic bridal hairstyle going out of fashion?

Easy and Pretty Updo
Credit: Pinterest/Anne Sage

Getting ready for a wedding usually means spending the morning of the event at the salon—or your mama's house—getting your hair and makeup done. Hours can go by while bride-to-be sit in the stylist's chair having their hair carefully crafted into an elegant chignon or a perfect ballerina bun with spiral curl accents. Once every strand is in place, the updo is locked in with enough bobby pins and hairspray to make sure it can withstand a Gulf Coast squall, let alone survive the process of putting on a wedding dress and maybe a veil or baby's breath, and then last through a ceremony and a reception.

While updos are classic, elegant, and sophisticated, according to The Zoe Report, there's a growing trend among brides to forgo the hours in a chair to get that perfectly shellacked chignon. As more brides opt for low-key weddings—think weddings held in backyard barns or barefoot on the beach—brides are starting to want something a little easier to manage for the big day. Essentially, they want more casual hair to match the venue and the vibe.

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The result is many brides are eschewing the formal hair in favor of a look The Zoe Report dubs "an elevated version of the bride's everyday style". That means Southerners should expect to see more brides walking down the aisle with natural hair, flowing locks, and what The Zoe Report calls "loose, messy, relaxed, effortless-looking hair."

It's just another way for weddings to be less formal, less fussy, and more fun for everyone involved, most importantly the bride. Brides should feel like themselves on their wedding days and have hair to match with a style that feels a little more natural and a little more them. Of course, if a bride-to-be has always dreamed of a walking down the aisle with an elegant updo and her great-grandmother's veil—then she should do that. It's the bride's day, and she make the rules.