A timeless tradition with plenty of personality.

When it comes to your dream wedding, it's easy to get wrapped up in everything Pinterest tells you it should be. Many brides have fallen prey to the trend-of-the-moment and after flaunting Mason jars and chalkboards in all of their glory, have often looked back and been faced with the question: was that really me? Don't get us wrong — perhaps you and your spouse-to-be have some kind of deep, romantic connection to Mason jars that binds you together as a couple. But unless both of you grew up earning your keep manufacturing the family's famous pear preserves (and we are oh-so-thankful if you did, because YUM), then let's opt to leave unrelated, kitschy, and frankly overused objects out of the picture on your wedding day. People forget. Photos don't.

However, that's not to suggest that all trends are bad, per se. Timeless wedding traditions that have been widely accepted for ages and merely adapt with the times are the kind of "trends" that we're all about. The one trend that we simply cannot imagine a wedding day without is a grand sendoff at the end of the reception. Before retiring your sore feet into your getaway car (or other creative mode of transportation), this is a crucial moment to take advantage of, both for the sake of saying last goodbyes and for the photos that are bound to live in your home forever.

This trend is one we're on board with because it's not a "one size fits all" trend leaving little room for improvisation. The grand sendoff can adapt to the personality of the bride and groom and the overall theme for the day with ease. However, coming from the perspective of a wedding photographer, we have truly seen all kinds of sendoffs: the good, the trendy, and the all-out Pinterest fails. Although this moment is touching and often the most photogenic, it's important to consider the logistics beforehand to quell any potential mishaps long before they lead to disappointment (and/or fire hazards). Your best bet? Keep it simple.

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A personal favorite that will never go out of style is the classic sparkler sendoff. Of course, do check with your venue first to make sure they are willing and equipped to host your sparkling getaway. However, there's simply nothing so simple and romantic as this to make a lasting impression on your wedding day. This glittering display is sure to make way for beautiful photographs (and might I add—photos that are unobstructed by random objects being thrown by guests).

Speaking of U.F.O.'s (Unidentified Falling Objects, as I like to call them), one type of sendoff we would advise against is having your guests make it "snow" during your winter wedding grand exit. Odds are, your guests have not been properly trained in faux snow throwing technique, and you may very well end up with fistfuls of white mush blocking your face from the camera during your fairytale moment. Très tragique.

And although there is something quite charming about picking fallen rose petals out of your hair after a long night of dancing, the one thing that your guests did not sign up for is hours of scrubbing glitter out of whereabouts they didn't even know they had thanks to your "great idea." Be kind. Say no to glitter.

Other than a few sendoff faux pas previously mentioned, your grand sendoff provides ample opportunity to create a lasting memory that is truly representative of who you are as a person and as a couple. Whether you opt for a sparkler sendoff, a crowd of guests waving shakers in your alma mater's team colors, or go so far as to have a fireworks show blazing as you and your beloved sail off on a yacht (dare to dream, people), don't miss the opportunity to take special care in making this moment truly and authentically you.