From breathtaking textures to unexpected entertainment, this year's festivities are full of fresh ideas. 

The Flower Cupboard
Credit: Facebook: The Flower Cupboard

While tradition will always reign supreme at Southern celebrations, there's nothing like a touch of creativity to set a wedding apart from the rest. Sure, there will be flowers, vows, and some kind of decadent dessert, but the signature style couples create together is what infuses an event with character.

Year after year, the latest wedding trends keep those personal design choices even more interesting. We're not saying the newest, overly-pinned Pinterest wedding idea is a must for everyone. But fresh ideas are always welcome, especially when they look as pretty as what's in store for 2018.

From richer color palettes and textures to non-traditional venues and over-the-top entertainment, the latest wedding trends for 2018 just might leave soon-to-be brides with an overflowing Pinterest board of ideas.

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1. Dramatic Colors Make a Comeback

Brides are trading in last year's light and airy undertones for standout colors and moody tones. Color palettes are deepening, with brides favoring darker shades of purple, burgundy hues, and jewel tones. Bold, black accents are even inching their way into style as designers incorporate darker details into 2018 bridal collections.

2. Weddings Come Back Indoors

While outdoor weddings were all the rage in 2017, this year's ceremonies and receptions are taking place in unexpected spaces. Weddings are making their way back indoors as industrial, open spaces with high ceilings offer couples a blank slate to design. This year's couples may opt for nontraditional spaces that speak to their personality, such as historic theaters, libraries, and museums, and offer airy, open options that are just as good as the outdoors.

3. Texture Takes the Spotlight

From wedding stationary to tablescape details, we're seeing lots of brides playing with texture. Expect touches like linen overlays, marble dance floors, velvet accents, and wax seals to bring a luxurious, fresh feel to this year's celebrations.

4. Balloons Add a Playful Air

There's nothing like a balloon to signal a festive celebration. Couples may take that concept to a whole new level this year by designing archways and mural-inspired displays using a colorful mix of balloon sizes.

5. Entertainment and After Parties are Part of the Planning

As couples continue to place greater and greater importance on the guest experience, expect entertainment to rule the evening. From interactive experiences, like sketch artists and magicians, to a planned party after the reception that may even be at a second location, couples are pulling out all the stops for an unforgettable night.

6. Brides are Choosing Embroidered Details and Statement Backs

Hand-stitched details and dazzling back designs are taking over bridal salons. This year's brides are donning intricate details and embellishments as well as backs that will make you do a double take. From feminine touches, like back-of-the-dress bows and pearl embellishments, to more dramatic looks, like nearly bare backs, overlays and tiers, expect 2018 wedding dress trends to make a statement.

7. Desserts are Dripping with Decadence

Nearly nude cakes and doughnut displays are nothing new, but 2018 wedding desserts are adding an extra layer deliciousness – the drip. From sophisticated caramel drips on a barely iced cake to lively drips of melted icing for a pop of color, expect to see textured cakes and doughnuts dripping with flavor this season.