Ladies and gents, step away from the baby's breath. 

Wedding Reception
Credit: Thomas M. Barwick/Getty Images

We love weddings as much as anyone…ok, maybe a little more. (To be honest, our enthusiasm for beautiful weddings, flowers, and cakes knows no bounds.) However, there are a few wedding trends that we would like to see go as the New Year approaches. These wedding reception ideas and trends have outstayed their welcome. From the tacky to the inconvenient, not all wedding trends are created equal.

Put Down The Baby's Breath

Don't get us wrong, flowers are certainly welcome at weddings, but instead of centerpieces and bouquets laden with roses and baby's breath, think outside the box. Try inspired elements, such as greenery, succulents, herbs, and unexpected floral additions—they can turn an ordinary arrangement into a work of art worthy of all the photos that will be taken of it.

Don't Overplan the Reception

The wedding reception is your time to greet wedding guests and celebrate the beginning of your married life, right? Of course! A celebration that important should be fun-filled, not strained. Overscheduling the reception ensures that you will be running from table to table followed by the photographer snapping harried moments and creating beautiful wedding photos you'll treasure. From cutting the cake to trying to track down the Champagne flutes, leave some time to enjoy the party at your wedding reception. You paid a lot of money for the food, and you should get a chance to enjoy it, so don't overschedule the wedding reception. The most memorable moments will be the minutes you get to sit, laugh, and savor the night with your brand-new spouse, not trying to intertwine your arms for an awkward sip of Champagne (that, invariably, dribbles onto your dress).

Celebrate Some Traditions, Leave the Rest

Weddings are filled with traditions. From the seating at the ceremony to the "something borrowed, something blue" imperative, brides can sometimes feel like they're being driven by a checklist of old wedding traditions that they have to complete. During the busy planning process, it's easy to lose sight of the meanings behind the customs. If there's a tradition you don't feel particularly attached to, don't be afraid to scrap it. Fill your wedding with the moments that are significant to you—it will be much more memorable than trying to complete a marathon of bouquet tossing and cake cutting just for the photo ops.

Think Outside the Mason Jar

Mason jars have become ubiquitous at weddings. The duo of twinkling lights and Mason jars may look great on Pinterest, but the combination is no longer original. There. We said it. Step away from the Mason jars and stock your reception bar with something a little more creative. Might we suggest these or these? The craft cocktails that you so lovingly developed and named just for the big day deserve—nay, demand—a new vessel.

Avoid the Candy Buffet

You and your fiancé may have a sweet tooth, but after a long ceremony, guests probably want some substantial snacking options. Arriving at the reception with only a table of lollipops, wrapped chocolates, and jellybeans will probably encourage an early exit for most guests—and a quick drive to the nearest diner to refuel.

Rethink the Photo Booth

Everyone wants a photo roll full of snaps to remember the big night, and the photo booth seems like a great idea—funny props! Silly hats! Goofy glasses! But photo booths are never as funny as they promise to be. On Instagram the next day, there will be shot after shot of those huge blue-tinted sunglasses and that pink top hat you found while scouring the thrift store. What you'll actually treasure later are the candid photos people take together at the wedding (in which you can actually see their faces), not the over-the-top moments captured in the photo booth.