Invest in these four personalized pieces to express your thoughts in style.

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Credit: Robbie Caponetto

In the South, taking the time to write a personal thank-you note isn't just a courtesy—it's compulsory. Here's our definitive guide to all the paper goods a bride could want for her big day and beyond.

"Will-You-Be-My-Bridesmaid" Cards
Asking your best friends to serve as bridesmaids in your wedding is a special moment in a friendship—it's your chance to tell your besties what they mean to you, and how much you want them to stand beside you on your wedding day. Southern brides are also famous for their large wedding parties, so there's a good chance you may have a lot of ladies to ask. While there are a number of beautiful pre-made "will you be my bridesmaid" cards on the market today (we're partial to southern-based Rifle Paper Company's gorgeous greeting cards), it's worth the investment to get personalized cards printed for the big moment.

Personalized Bridal Stationery
You'll probably have a few parties thrown in your honor before the big day (including engagement parties, bridal teas, and bachelorette fetes), and you should have a lovely, classic set of personalized bridal stationery at the ready to write thank-you notes after the fact. Be sure to write a note for each gift you receive, and to write special notes to the hostesses, as well. Invest in a stationery set that reflects your wedding colors, or go for the simplicity of an embossed monogram card—the tone-on-tone style of the embossment is perfect for the classic southern bride.

Personalized Bridal Gift Enclosures
Though you'll be receiving a number of gifts before your wedding, you'll also be giving out a number of gifts as well—for example, to bridesmaids, wedding helpers, and shower hostesses. When you order your pre-wedding bridal stationery, consider adding a set of monogrammed gift enclosures to your order; these tiny 3x3 inch blank cards can be tucked into each of your gifts, so that a) you'll know who gets what gift, and b) you won't need to pick up store-bought cards for each event.

Post-Wedding Stationery
After the big day, you'll undoubtedly have a lot of thank-you notes to write. In this circumstance, invest in a personalized stationery set that's from you as a couple. This set should reflect both of your names and/or initials (like a "marriage monogram" that combines your shared last name with the first letter of each of your names, or a simple "The Smiths"). Personalizing your stationery this way shows the gift giver that both of you appreciate the thought and effort that went into their wedding gift.