#2 is a must.


For some, hiring a wedding planner is a no-brainer. For others — whether the reason is budget, timing, or the desire to handle every detail yourself — working with a wedding planner for your wedding isn't realistic. Here, five tips for making it seem like a wedding planner waved their fairy wand all over your nuptials.

1. Make a wedding weekend schedule.

Even if you're skipping the wedding planner, their organizational savvy is something all brides-to-be should channel. Embrace your inner wedding planner and map out a detailed itinerary (we're talking hourly, and down to 10-minute increments for the ceremony) from rehearsal dinner to farewell brunch. Distribute copies to everybody intimately involved in your wedding — photographer, DJ, officiant, and venue staff are all musts, but you may want to consider also sharing it with the caterer, the wedding party, and other key players.

2. Pack a nice umbrella on your wedding day.

You can't predict the weather, and you definitely can't predict Southern weather, but don't despair if it showers. Instead, live by this wedding planner tip: "Buy a fancy umbrella that you wouldn't mind being seen standing under, just in case it's raining when you're taking outdoor photos," Nisa Lee, a Pelham, New York, planner, told Brides. "Think of it this way: If it pours (or drizzles), you get to pose with a cute prop!"

3. Check the college football schedule.

Southeners, this one goes without saying. Here are four more wedding planning resolutions every Southerner should make.

4. Encourage guests to partake in a phone-free ceremony.

While wedding planners might be on-hand to check phones from guests or store them in lockers before the ceremony (or even entire reception), you can still be proactive about making sure cell phone use, picture-taking, or ringing doesn't interfere with your big day. Place clear signs outside of your ceremony venue asking that guests silence their phones and refrain from taking any pictures during your ceremony. That way, your photographer can capture all the special moments without phone screens and guests hands cluttering the shot. Have the officiant reiterate your phone-free request before the service commences.

5. Pre-cut your wedding cake.

Some wedding-day activities are best done behind-the-scenes. "It takes a really long time, it's messy, and the pieces never look like they should, even with the best cake makers!" New York wedding planner Jennifer Brisman explains on PureWow. So what to do? Brisman says request your bakeshop deliver sheetcakes in your desired flavor that can be quickly sliced about a half-hour before the cake-cutting ritual.

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