No matter how many humid summers your foundation has faced, your bridal makeup is a whole new ballgame.

Wedding Beauty Tips
You want every aspect of your wedding to go as smoothly as possible, including your beauty routine. Here are our tips for being a beautiful blushing bride (but not too much blush!).
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On your Big Day, you need a long-lasting look that will withstand all the elements, from your outdoor bridal portraits to the beads of sweat you'll work up on the reception dance floor. So, unless your soon-to-be sister-in-law is Sephora's next superstar makeup artist, you may want to trust your wedding makeup to the experts.

Enter the bridal makeup artist (aka your wedding day beauty knight in shining armor). She'll swoop in with her airbrush foundation sprayer prove her worth in a matter of minutes. Still need convincing? Here are five reasons to invest in a makeup artist for your wedding day.

1. Play with the Possibilities During a Makeup Trial

Whether you have an exact vision or are looking for some help, a makeup trial is insanely helpful. This appointment is a chance to play with shades and products to find just the right look. Not only will you leave confident in your bridal look, but a wedding makeup artist can also help you prepare your skin for the Big Day by suggesting certain products for you to start using now.

2. Look Flawless on Film

Even if you've been loyal to the same look and brands for years, you may not know how your everyday makeup will look when photographed professionally. Your face may look perfect in person, but professional photography may make your makeup appear shiny or oily. Some cosmetics can even photograph pale when a photographer uses flash. A makeup artist will know all the tricks of making sure you look flawless on film.

3. Get Full Access to the Good Stuff

Instead of running to your closest cosmetics counter to stock up on expensive products, put that money towards a professional who will bring a full bag of goodies. Wedding makeup artists have a fully stocked kit of high quality products in all sorts of shades designed for flexibility and all-day wear. Better yet, they'll apply all of those fabulous products professionally.

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4. Less Worrying, More Pampering

You've got enough on your mind already. You don't want to be trying to draw on the perfect lip liner when your stomach is in knots. Give yourself one less thing to worry about and relax while a professional makes you look perfect.

5. Stand Out In All the Right Ways

You are the bride, after all. A professional will help you create a look that seamlessly stands out from your bridesmaids. It's your day to be the center of attention, and a makeup artist will ensure you're ready for all eyes to be on you from every angle.