By Betsy Cribb
feet of bride and groom, wedding shoes (soft focus).
Credit: verve231/Getty Images

They're as synonymous with weddings as blush-and-bashful bridesmaids' dresses and rowdy, over-served uncles. These days, wedding hashtags are part of the wedding landscape, an element that's often decided upon more quickly than the date, or the venue, or the dress.

Quick tutorial if you've missed the boat on the whole hashtag thing: Wedding hashtags, which usually include a clever twist on the couples' names or wedding theme, help the happy couples see all the wedding snaps that their friends have shared on Facebook and Instagram. For example, if the couple's last name is Chappell, their hashtag may be #GoingToTheChappell.

We get why they're so popular: In the social media age, the wedding hashtag is like the Kodak cameras couples once left on tables for receptions; they're one more way for couples to see their guests enjoying all the festivities once the big day has come and gone.

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Sure, wedding hashtags have their benefits, but we'll admit that we aren't sorry to see that this wedding trend is waning in popularity.

For one thing, coming up with a hashtag is yet another responsibility to add to the bride and groom's mile-long to-do list. A small task, yes, but another task nonetheless.

Second, now that hashtags have become such a wedding mainstay, it's hard to be all that creative with your own, meaning that your hashtag may also be associated with seven other weddings on social media, and your friends' and family's photos will get lost in the cyber-space shuffle.

Third, the hashtag encourages people to take photos at your wedding. That's not a bad thing in and of itself, but when amateur photographers accidentally get in the way of your professional photographer as he tries to capture the best moments of your special day, well, that's a bummer.

But the main reason that we're glad to see wedding hashtags go? There's something pretty special about stepping away from your phone and social media on your loved ones' wedding days and just enjoying the moment. Who needs "likes" when you've already got love?