Bridal Hair
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Scrolling through endless images of luscious locks and perfectly undone updos on Pinterest is enough to leave any bride eager for picture-perfect hair. Though the flawless photos on your bridal board may make it look effortless, the reality of bringing your dream 'do to life is another story. Before you dive into that at-home hair kit, take a minute to read up on the biggest bridal hair mistakes you can make before and during the Big Day.

Before the Big Day

1. Forgoing a full trail with your day-of stylist

Trying your dream hairstyle before the day-of is crucial. Not only does it ensure the style you've been pinning for weeks actually works for you, but it's also a chance to make sure you and your stylist see eye to eye. Schedule this appointment far in advance so your stylist can provide a few pre-wedding hair care tips for the months leading up to "I do."

2. Skipping the salon in hopes of longer locks

No matter how lengthy you hope your hair will be, you can't avoid haircuts all together. The longer you dodge the salon, the more damaged your hair will get. Brides looking to gain length can prevent dry hair and split ends by trimming just a half inch every three months.

3. Leaving cut and color to the last minute

Two weeks is too late when it comes to last minute cut and color. Your hair needs at least 14 days to avoid looking too freshly chopped. New color also needs more than two weeks to settle in with your natural oils. Plus, heaven forbid something goes wrong, you'll have a little wiggle room for a color fix.

4. Missing the mark with at-home hair color

Though we're normally all for proven at-home hair care products, bridal hair prep is one exception in our book. Leave this monumental moment in the hands of the professionals. Visit a salon for your touch-ups in the months leading up to the Big Day.

5. Frying for months before

Straightening, blow drying, and curling for bridal showers, bachelorette parties, and bridal portraits can leave your hair looking exhausted for the main event. Be sure to use heat protectant products and take it easy on your hair in the final weeks before you walk down the aisle.

Styling Sins

6. Letting your veil limit your style

Don't let veil placement stop you. Most bridal stylists have seen it all and can recommend the most secure way to place your veil in the hairdo you're dying for. Be sure to bring your veil and another other hair accessories to your trial appointment so that you can nail down your hairpiece plan.

7. Going extension crazy

Lengthy hair extensions aren't necessarily the answer for longer locks. To avoid an obvious disconnection, extensions should be used to add volume to your look instead of length. Blend extensions seamlessly with your natural hair by avoiding synthetic options and opting for pieces just one inch longer than your haircut.

8. Using the wrong accessory

Consider your overall ensemble and wedding day aesthetic when choosing a bridal hair accessory. No one wants a distractingly gaudy or misplaced piece to take away from the beauty of the day. Shop around and consider getting your stylist's opinion on how the accessory fits into your chosen look.

9. Selecting a style that doesn't look like you

Don't forget that the groom wants to marry you, not those girls in the bridal magazine. Go after your dream bridal hairstyle and be the most beautiful version of yourself, but avoid styles that don't look like you.

Wedding Day Don'ts

10. Shampooing on the Big Day

Even if your nerves have you out of bed at the crack of dawn, don't use that extra time to shampoo your hair. Shampoo the day before instead, and you'll be sitting down in your stylist's chair with shiny, manageable hair.

11. Styling your hair before you reach the glam squad

It may be challenging to walk out the door with day old hair that's yet to be styled, but resist putting that mane in a pony or using a straightener just yet. Ponytails leave a crease and flat irons make hair harder to shape. Instead, show up natural and let your stylist work her magic.

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12. Rushing your stylist

Keep calm. She's got this. If you've hired a wedding pro, she's been around the bridal block a time or two (or every weekend, really). She knows you're on a tight schedule and that there is endless bridesmaid hair to do. Let her manage her own time, and you're sure to end up with flawless hair.

13. Not planning for back-up

You've calculated plan A, B, and C for every little detail of your wedding day, so don't leave your hair out of the planning. Be sure to have backup bobby pins, curling irons, hair brushes, or any other hair tools you might need throughout the day. You're sure to leave your dressing room with the perfect style, but after an hour of wedding portraits outside or a song or two on the dance floor, you may be in need of a quick touchup.