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Wedding planning is no easy task. (Let's hear it for the South's Best Wedding Planners!)

But according to intel from our friends over at Brides, you may be approaching how you select your wedding caterer completely wrong. Alexis Berry, General Manager for Tom Douglas Catering in Seattle, shared with the outlet how picking a caterer at the same time as your venue is a superior strategy to ensure you have the best day ever. "Typically, couples will choose a venue, and then try to accommodate catering within that space," Berry told Brides. "Think about your vision, work backwards, and consider logistics. Working on venue and catering needs at the same time will help to eliminate compromises later on."

Doing this can also eliminate stress since being able to provide your venue with more catering info from the outset — and vice versa — can help both parties dodge any hiccups on your big day.

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So share with us: What's the best piece of wedding planning advice you ever got? How about the worst piece of wedding wisdom you received?