Not to mention, they're stunning.


When it comes to engagement rings, there can sometimes be a push and pull between wanting something that feels customized to flatter your personal style and also wanting something that honors the family heirloom ring that your mother or grandmother might be passing down your way (or your bride-to-be's way). Incorporating a piece of family jewelry into your engagement ring is sweet and sentimental, and it doesn't mean that it can't be designed or tweaked with a modern nod to feel like it was meant just for you. One of this year's biggest engagement ring trends is here to help. If you've never heard of two-stone engagement rings, let's all take a moment to appreciate them. Turns out, what's old can certainly be new again. 

Two-stone rings let you have the best of both worlds, and they just so happen to also be the coolest way to use a passed-down heirloom to create a bespoke engagement ring that is totally unique from anyone else's. (In any case, it's a great option regardless if you're wanting to use an heirloom. Two gemstones can be even more fun than one!) You can mix and match gemstone types—including diamonds, emeralds, sapphires, and pearls—and you can choose a duo of different cuts, such as oval and pear-shaped, and more. Beyond brides, mothers are choosing the trend to makeover their original engagement ring to include an extra gemstone that reflects their child's birthstone or a passed loved one's birthstone, too. 

All in all, it's a fabulous way to get everything you want in a ring that's specially made (or remade) for you. Peep these two-stone engagement rings to give you all the drool-worthy inspiration, whether you're planning for the future or just enjoying the view. 

"This client brought us two rings to work with," says jeweler Stephanie Gottlieb in the photo caption above. The result? A pair of two-stone rings that make the most of refurbished emeralds. Gottlieb notes in her feed that choosing a two-stone design is a great way to customize your ring.

The two stones included in this gorgeous looker represents Gottlieb's two children, along with hidden birthstone details on the inside of the band.

Gottlieb gave this family bridal set a modern update with an open design that feels fresh and current.

Another popular option? Giving your original engagement ring a total makeover by adding another gemstone in a color that stands for your birthday, your children, or anything you fancy.

Some brides are also choosing to go outside the box with unique shapes and color combinations that make the engagement process feel personalized just for them.

Go with the same shape, but placed inversely for a cohesive two-stone look that snuggles together seamlessly.

Stacking two stones vertically (especially when one has been passed down) is another way to include more than one gemstone in the look without the ring feeling bulky.

For anyone looking for a totally unique piece of jewelry for an engagement, anniversary, birthday, or special occasion, two-stone rings have style, grace, and a little something extra.