We can't help but do things the Southern way for our Big Day. 

A Southern Bride and Her Vintage Details
Credit: freemixer / Getty Images

Like all things Southern, weddings in the South are chalk full of family and time-honored traditions. But, to get hitched down South without a hitch, and in true Southern fashion, there are a few things all Southern brides know to be true.1. You can't commit to a date until the fall football schedule is released. It's best to just wait it out. Trust us.

2. You know your Southern mama will "translate" all your ideas into her own. She doesn't mean to boss your wedding. She's just a bit enthusiastic and wants you to have the very best.

3. Your Pinterest board is full of bridal looks with lots of lace, and maybe a few cowboy boots, too. Whether it's a ball gown or a fit and flare, we bet your dreaming of a wedding look with a traditional touch of lace.

4. Your motto for choosing bridesmaids is "the more the merrier!" Cousins? High school gals? Sorority sisters? Your actual sisters? You've got a whole lot of friends and family. How could you not include them all?

5. Your venue has the most picturesque old-fashioned pews, historical columns, or rustic wood beams and ceilings. Because down South, our childhood church, a historic home, or a beautiful barn top our wedding venue wish-lists. And, yes, we were doing all of them before they were trendy.

6. You're already a monogram maven. Monogrammed hankies, robes, totes, napkins – you name it. You're ready.

8. You not only have a rain plan, but you also have a humidity, heat, and critter plan.Especially for an outdoor ceremony in the spring or summer. You don't want bigger hair than you already planned for or wedding guests swatting at mosquitos instead of dancing.

7. You know choosing china is one of the most important first decisions of your soon-to-be marriage. These dishes will be the foundation of family affairs for years to come. Many a Christmas dinner and Easter brunch will be served on these very plates. You know this registry decision is not one to be taken lightly.

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9. You've already figured out how to make a SEC football groom's cake look elegant. Should you make a cake in the shape of the stadium? A Georgia "G" looks good as a cake, right? Whatever cake makes your man smile will be perfect.

10. You may not be an etiquette expert (yet), but you want to follow tradition on your Big Day. While the mamas might fuss over who is technically supposed to host what shower or luncheon, you're mostly concerned with taking part in traditions. You want the same memorable moments your mother, grandmothers, and all the generations before you had on their wedding days.