Handling everything from the heat to that one Great Uncle, Southern bridesmaids understand Southern weddings like no other.

Bride and Bridesmaids Showing Shoes
Credit: Searching for the Light Photography/Getty Images

Since Southern weddings are the best weddings, that means Southern bridesmaids are also the best too, right?

1. You know that more really is the merrier.
As a Southern bridesmaid, you're probably one of ten or twelve or fifteen of the bride's nearest and dearest. And isn't that what makes it most fun?

2. You are better than the average wedding planner.
As talented as her planner may be, there's no way she could have known that Great Uncle Earl was headed for that microphone. You, on the other hand, have been hearing your girlfriend talking about this moment for years.

3. You will find a way to afford the pricey bridesmaid's dress.
It may mean going home for dinner at your parents' home and skipping the nail salon, but you will wear that floor grazing, silk shantung gown with a smile.

4. You will use your Southern connections for perks.
She has the sister-in-law who does hair. Her mother does makeup. And they step in and offer their services on the wedding day for free.

5. You know the difference between a bachelorette party and a bridal shower.
These two should never be confused. Especially in the South. Bachelorette parties take place in New Orleans and Austin; bridal showers take place over tea sandwiches with MawMaw.

6. You know how to calm the potential Bridezilla.
There's no predicting when bridezilla will make her pre-wedding appearance. No sweat. Southern bridesmaids know just how to calm her down with a joke, a hug, a game of Catch Phrase, or a Bloody Mary.

7. You give great gifts.
Southern bridesmaids are wedding party experts, which means you also have gift giving down to a science. And your present is the one every bride cherishes.

8. You understand the importance of the monogrammed robe.
Because the girls must match, and the cover-ups must be monogrammed.

9. You know to have hairspray on-hand.
The only thing bigger than the wedding party is the hair. With the intense Southern humidity, you will make sure you're armed with hairspray, bobby pins, and power tools, too.

10. You know how to gracefully avoid being set up with a groomsman.
There's always that one groomsman that your best friend's momma must introduce you to. At least give him a dance.

11. You never complain about the heat.
It's the South, and it's hot. You will telll her how wonderful the celebration will be, even if she decides to get married at the end of July in New Orleans in the middle of the afternoon.

12. You make sure the bride and groom eat.
Not getting to eat at the biggest party of your life? It happens. And it's totally unacceptable. A Southern bridesmaid will make sure the bride and groom get to enjoy the menu they handpicked for their friends and family.

13. You know how to get people on the dance floor.
When the band starts playing Sweet Home Alabama, it's your job—and really your duty—to fill the dance floor.

14. You will stay up all night long.
Because this will be the biggest and best party ever. Until the next wedding you're in, that is. You will make sure the partying goes on until the bride goes to bed.

15. You act selflessly.
This day is all about the bride. This also means you will not post any photos unless they are bride-approved.