The storm took almost everything but miraculously left her gown untouched

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Hurricane Harvey and the flooding that followed have left much of Houston, Texas and the surrounding areas ravaged. The devastating damage has left many trying to figure out how to pick up the pieces and move on. While most people are safe and grateful for that, imagine the sadness of losing much of your belongings. Now imagine thinking that all was lost in your home—including your dream wedding dress for your upcoming wedding. That is what Stephanie Hoekstra thought happened. But she was wrong.

Hoekstra's dress was kept safe thanks to the efforts of firefighter, and her soon-to-be husband, Kyle Parry. After fleeing to safer grounds with his dogs, Parry worked trying overtime shifts for days to help with local rescue efforts. He has spent the last few weeks rescuing Texans from Harvey, and finally was able to check on his own house.

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Amazingly, though flooding devastated Parry's Lumberton home, the dress remained completely safe. Parry relocated the dress, which was initially stored in a spare room to the top shelf of the master bedroom's closet, before evacuating. While the closet became inundated with water, the dress miraculously was dry, though layers of the gorgeous white lace gown dangled precariously a few feet above the flooding.

The couple were initially set to wed on September 10th, but now are shifting their efforts to rebuilding their lives and helping their community. You can donate to help the couple on a Go Fund Me page established by Parry's sister-in-law here (the couple plans on giving away half of the donations to support other victims).

Watch the video of Parry returning to his home for the first time and discovering the dress via CNN below. You can hear Parry say, "I'm sorry Steph, I have to look," as he rescue's his bride's beloved gown.