No one ever said Southern traditions weren't quirky--and this next Southern wedding tradition fits right in! (Missed the first tradition we shared? Read all about cake pulls here.)

Burying the Bourbon; Photo: Jodi Miller

Southern folklore says that if you bury a bottle of bourbon at the site where the bride and groom are to be married it won't rain on their wedding day. According to many believers, this must be done exactly one month before the wedding, the bottle must be completely full, and it must be buried upside down to ensure maximum weather persuasion.

Burying the Bourbon; Photo: Jodi Miller

We've also heard a variation that stipulates the burying should be done on a day with weather you'd be happy to have on your wedding day. Rain or shine, the bottle should be dug up post-ceremony and enjoyed with the bridal party, making this a win-win tradition no matter the skies.

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