Our reception tables can include everything from Krispy Kreme to John Deere.

By Valerie Fraser Luesse
May 31, 2018
Our reception tables can include everything from Krispy Kreme to John Deere.
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The bride and groom have said their I Do's, the preacher has pronounced them man and wife, and both their mamas have shed the requisite tears. Now it's time to eat. When it comes to summer wedding food ideas, Southerners can get mighty creative. We asked our Facebook Brain Trust to weigh in with some uniquely Southern summer food for weddings. Here's what's on their menu—tell us what we missed:

Hand Pie Station

Southerners believe in frying fruit and chocolate in dough. It's who we are as a people.

Watermelon Basket

The tricky part's carving the handle. Filling it with fresh fruit is easy.

Down-Home Beverages

Could be sweet tea, lemonade, small glass bottles of Coke, or, for those within a 100-mile radius of Johnson City, Tennessee, bottles of Dr. Enuf.

Collegiate Groom's Cakes

Southern bakers can deliver the goods for football fans: chocolate-and-vanilla Bama houndstooth fondant, a giant white UGA bulldog cake, an Auburn cake shaped like the AU emblem, a replica of the Texas A&M stadium, the Vols' Power T . . .

John Deere Tractor Cake

Think of it as a celebration of our agrarian heritage.

Banana Pudding on the Groom's Table

Because he loves it so, bless his sweet heart.

Armadillo Groom's Cake

Steel Magnolias created a monster, and it has gray icing.

Reunion Food

Grilled chicken, potato salad, corn on the cob, watermelon, and deviled eggs—because petit fours can sustain you for only so long.

Krispy Kreme

Doughnuts and milk on the groom's table—what could be better?

Gulf Shrimp

Look for a mountain of it, boiled, chilled, and displayed in an ice sculpture.

Southern Sweets

Pralines, GooGoo Clusters, Moon Pies . . . no telling what might appear in those goodie bags for guests.

Venison (aka "Deer Meat")

It is especially likely to show up at receptions with a camo motif. Also, antlers might be incorporated into the cake design.

Regional BBQ

From a pig pickin' in North Carolina to Texas brisket or Alabama smoked chicken in white sauce, Southern couples are very region-specific about their reception 'cue.

Cheese Straws

The caterer was instructed to use Great Aunt Mamie's recipe. Because it's the only one that matters.

Beverage Fountains

Could be champagne, could be Mountain Dew . . .

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