There's no such thing as too many bridesmaids.

Everything is bigger in Texas, including the bridal party. Fourteen ladies wearing shades of blush and beige and twelve gents looking dapper in tuxedoes stood by Avery and Kyle.
Jenny DeMarco Photography

When it comes to weddings, we Southerners know what we're doing. After all, we've been to a wedding or two … or twelve. We've got the ins and outs of wedding etiquette down to a science, are well acquainted with which shades of pink are "blush and bashful," and know how to cut a rug better than anybody else. Of course, all of this wedding experience means every Southern bride-to-be knows exactly what to expect after her groom-to-be pops the question. Here, 11 things that only happen if you're a Southern bride:

1. People shower you in their "Best wishes."

Down here, manners matter. Of course, while a Southern bride will graciously accept all types of congratulatory remarks, every good Southerner knows that "congratulations" are given to the groom, while the bride is extended "best wishes."

2. Your mom already has a few ideas up her sleeve.

"Oh, she's done all the arrangements for my charity luncheons for years." "Have you seen the cakes that come out of that bakery? They're beautiful." "And what about that twelve-piece band from Atlanta?" Whether you're the first daughter to get married, or the last, you know Mama has been planning this grand occasion since she found out she was having a girl.

3. Your dress shopping experience is like something out of "Say Yes to the Dress" – only there are approximately 18 more opinions involved.

When it comes to that all-important white dress, you can bet your bottom dollar that everyone from great aunt Mary to your mother-in-law to your neighbor from down the street will have thoughts on ivory-versus-true white and how much lace is too lace and is it in good taste to show your arms in church?

4. Everybody wants to host a shower for you.

One of the beauties of growing up in the South is being raised by a village of women who love you fiercely…and love throwing a party. From Mama's garden club to the church altar guild, all the women who helped raise you will want to celebrate your upcoming nuptials in style, so go ahead and stock up on shower-appropriate dresses and plenty of stationery for thank you notes.

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5. Gifts are emblazoned with your new monogram.

From the ring dish you're given just after your groom has popped the question, to the linens and engraved silver you receive on the Big Day, every last one of your gifts will undoubtedly feature your new initials. Now what to do with the luggage/stationery/jewelry/towels that display your old monogram…

6. The guest list has already hit 200…

And that's just family. Weddings are a family occasion, and leaving out your second cousin, thrice removed simply isn't an option. It's a community celebration, too, so forget about taking your fourth grade teacher or the town surgeon off the list. "He saved your daddy's life, you know!"

7. You have countless options for your "something old."

Southern brides love a good tradition, so you know you'll walk down the aisle with all of your "somethings." And you've got an overwhelming number of options for your "something old": Should you wear your great-great grandmother's diamond earrings? Or what about your great aunt's pearl brooch? And what about the lace veil that your grandmother wore? Decisions, decisions!

8. You know that outdoor summer weddings just aren't an option, and fall weddings are pretty much off the table, too.

Because summer is hot-hot-hot and muggy as can be. And fall? Well, we suppose that's an option – just be sure Auburn's not playing Georgia that day, or everyone will be watching the game on their phones at the reception, if they choose to come at all.

9. You have no fewer than 10 bridesmaids.

From childhood church friends to college sorority sisters to all your cousins, a tiny wedding party was never in the cards for you. And you're okay with that. You know your gals will rock those "blush and bashful" dresses!

10. Your main priority for the reception is a good band.

Have you ever seen an empty dance floor at a Southern wedding? No! And that's because we like to Carolina shag, swing dance, and cut a rug more than anyone we know. A killer band is a surefire way to ensure that the dance floor is hoppin' until it's time for the sparkler send-off.

11. You sit down to write your thank you notes the second you get back from the honeymoon.

While many etiquette sticklers say you have up to three months to send out thank you notes for gifts received on the big day, Southern brides know three months is far too long to wait! Besides, it always feels good to cross something big off the to-do list, and why let the "thank yous" hang over your head?