Mount Dora, FL Lake
Departing from Lakeside Inn, Premier Boat Tours offers daily, two-hour ecotours that take you on a water excursion through towering cypress trees. You're likely to spot herons, egrets, turtles, and alligators.
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Planning a destination wedding comes with its fair share of perks – a more intimate guest list and a reason to plan a getaway, to name a few. Add in the Southern soul and romantic simplicity of a Southern small town down, and you're on your way to planning an affair unlike any other. From mountain towns to historic downtowns that dot the shoreline, the South is filled with charming small towns perfect for a destination wedding.

If you're considering nuptials away from home, but find yourself wondering where in the world to wed, we're here to let you in on the secret. Southern small towns have all the benefits of your average destination wedding location with more character than any cookie cutter resort can offer. What does that mean, you wonder? Here are seven reasons why Southern brides will love a small town destination wedding:

1. An Excuse To Keep It Intimate

You may think hosting an out-of-town affair will get you some "no" RSVPs, but if you pick a popular vacation destination you might be surprised how many guests will join you for a getaway. With a small town wedding, you can keep the guest list small and blame it on the size of the venue or number of rooms available in town.

2. A Picture-Perfect Scenery Without the Crowds

Those gorgeous beach wedding photos you've been eyeing on Pinterest sure look sweet, but capturing a scenic wedding shot on a crowded resort beach is harder than you think. You'll avoid having to edit out those families in bikinis behind your newlywed portraits with nuptials in a much less populated beach town.

3. Small Town Treats Made Down the Street

Sure, you may have less vendor options in a small town, but having too many options can actually be overwhelming. In a small town, you'll fall in love with the local bake shop, who will probably make the best homemade wedding cake you've ever tasted.

4. Effortless Cost Savings

Sure you may have to invest in a few wedding planning getaways, but you're still likely to come out ahead. With a smaller guest list and likely a smaller venue, costs will naturally come down. Fewer guests mean fewer invitations to print and less dinner to serve, giving you a chance to make things more personalized while still spending less than you would have at a big city bash. Plus, a smaller town is likely to have better venue and food price tags than bigger cities.

5. A Way to Keep Things Laid Back

If you're afraid of fighting with family on the details of your big "I do," a small town might be just what you need. The slow, relaxed vibe of Southern towns are sure to ease stress and keep both the planning process and wedding weekend a bit more peaceful.

6. Anything But Cookie Cutter

Hosting your wedding in a small town is a surefire way to make sure it's unique. Whether it's a venue full of small town charm or the local spot where guests stay that's unlike any other, your wedding experience will easily be anything but cookie cutter.

7. A Reason to Road Trip

Instead of jetsetting to a resort town destination wedding, small town Southern celebrations entice close friends and family to make a road trip out of your wedding weekend. Why? There's probably not an airport near your nuptials. To some, this may seem like a hassle. But, to guests with Southern roots, you'll give them a reason to fall in love with some of the most scenic roots in the region. You can even provide a road trip guide to guests, with some of the best spots to stop along the way.


Ready to hop in the car and drive down the Delta or towards the coast to plan the small town destination wedding of your dreams? We thought so.