Our Blue Ribbon Vendor Directory is chock-full of the best wedding vendors a bride (or groom) south of the Mason-Dixon could ask for. Today, we're sharing a few of our favorite Virginia wedding photographers!


Name: Abby Springmann, Abby Grace Photography

Based in: Reston

Why you should know her: We love Abby's sweet heart and love for what she does, and think it shows in her images! They're simple and timeless, just like the weddings she most enjoys capturing.


Name: Rachel May Clarke, Rachel May Photography

Based in: Madison County

Why you should know her: We love Rachel! She has a sweet and fun personality and a heart of gold for marriage, just like us. We know her couples love working with her and love the real, beautiful moments she captures!


Name: Perry Vaile, Perry Vaile Photography

Why you should know her: It's easy to see that Perry is a lover of life, and it shows in her images — whether intimate and sweet or joyful and exuberant, they capture the wide range of human emotion and record it beautifully for posterity. We love her spirit!


Name: Katelyn James, Katelyn James Photography

Based in: Richmond

Why you should know her: Katelyn's photography is warm, colorful, and full of life. She herself is one of the kindest gals we know in Dixie, fiercely devoted to her marriage and to helping her couples down that path, too!


Name: Cyn Kain, Cyn Kain Photography

Based in: Richmond

Why you should know her: Cyn approaches every wedding with a fresh eye to make sure her photos reflect her clients and their love 100%. She is so warm and kind in person that we know she'd be a perfect fit with any couple!


Name: Jodi Miller Baier, Jodi Miller Photography

Why you should know her: Jodi and her husband Kurt's work is simple, lovely, and entirely refreshing. They tell the story of your wedding in a clear and honest way that will be treasured for generations.

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