Wedding Guests Taking Pictures During Ceremony
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There's no denying that weddings are a big day for the bride and groom and their families. Because of that, wedding guests tend to be on their best behavior, the occasional mother-in-law to be notwithstanding, of course. However, as any Southern bride can tell you, guests are not always successful at minding their manners and staying well behaved throughout the ceremony and reception.

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If you're heading to a wedding this year, here is a list of incredibly rude things that you should never do at a wedding. While there are more ways to spoil the bride's big day, avoiding these behaviors is a step in the right direction.

  • Don't forget to RSVP.
  • Don't wear white, unless the bride specifically says otherwise
  • Don't arrive late, arrive too early, or leave far too early without a good excuse
  • Don't show up with an unannounced guest. Even if you are allowed a guest, you must tell the bride or groom in advance.
  • Don't interrupt the ceremony.
  • Don't bring children to an adults-only wedding.
  • If you do bring children, don't let them cry or scream or disrupt the wedding ceremony. Kids will be kids, but if they start to fuss, calmly bring them outside so they don't cause a scene.
  • Don't dress too casually at a formal event or too formally at a casual event.
  • Don't switch seats after seating arrangements have been set.
  • Don't sit in the front row of the ceremony unless you're asked to.
  • Don't tell the bride or groom that something went wrong at the reception. They don't need to know you asked for fish and got beef.
  • Do turn off your phone. Make sure the ringer is off and try to keep phone use to a minimum. While a few photos are fine, live streaming or live tweeting or live Snapping a wedding can be too much for most brides.
  • Don't overdo the booze. It's a wedding, not a tailgate party.
  • Do not make a speech that is actually a roast and is too mean, too personal, or too inappropriate.
  • Don't make a speech unless you're asked to.
  • Don't get too wild on the dance floor. Removing shoes is okay, removing clothing is not.
  • Don't get too aggressive during the bouquet or garter toss. No need to throw elbows!
  • Similarly, don't race your way to the buffet or the dessert table. Wait until your table is called and don't harm any children or the elderly while making your way there.
  • Don't ask for seconds or simply hit the buffet again. If you must, wait until all tables have been served before getting a second helping.
  • Don't take up too much of the bride's and groom's time. They have other friends and family to visit with on their big day.
  • Don't simply not show up. In the case of emergency on the day of the wedding, tell a member of the bride's or groom's family. If it's before the wedding day, you can let the couple know directly, but only if missing the event is truly unavoidable.
  • Don't buy a gift that is not on the registry. If you can't afford the items yourself, team up with other guests who are probably in the same position.