By Patricia Shannon
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Big day beauty can start months in advance but, if you're down to the wire, there are a few things to keep in mind. Here, we break down the do's and don'ts of your wedding eve bridal skin care routine.

Don't: Try any products you haven't already been using

This just spells disaster. Don't try that new treatment for dark circles, or the zit-zapping blue light your best friend swears by. Stick to your tried-and-trues to avoid any beauty nightmares.

Do: Treat yourself to a little pampering

Indulge in a 15-minute face mask (if you've used it before), take a soak in the tub, or just indulge in your favorite guilty-pleasure TV. Whatever you do, just be sure to take some time for yourself.

Don't: Have one too many cocktails at the rehearsal dinner

Know your limit. Not enough z's and too many cocktails are easy ways to start your big day beauty off on the wrong side of the silk pillowcase.

Do: Drink plenty of water

You've heard it before, but stay hydrated. Hydrated skin is the key to better makeup application, reduced dark circles, and minimized fine lines.

Don't: Wax your eyebrows

It's fine to pluck a stray hair here or there, but do the waxing 5 to 7 days prior to the big day. Your makeup will go on a bit differently in the affected areas because the wax will get rid of even those microscopic hairs between your brows. Typically, the result is a noticeable sheen wherever the wax was applied.

Do: Moisturize

Now is not the time to step out of your normal skincare routine. Your moisturizer is an essential step in prepping your face for the beauty marathon to come.

Don't: Go overboard exfoliating

Try not to do anything that can cause your skin to be red and irritated for the big day. If you've been using a light exfoliator nightly as part of your skincare routine, stick with it. If this is the first time you're exfoliating in a while or you're considering busting out a new exfoliating brush one of your bridesmaids gave you, think again.

Do: Apply an extra top coat

If you just had your nails done the day prior, apply another top coat to help prevent chips and cracks.

Don't: Get a pedicure after your spray tan

It will look like you went sunbathing in knee-high boots. If you waited until the very last minute to get your wedding mani/pedi, just settle for a polish change. They'll shape and trim nails without the soaking, lathering, and exfoliating that will wipe that new tan straight off.

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DO get some shuteye, but DON'T forget to set the alarm. After all this bridal skin care, you won't want to find yourself rushing to get ready. Stay calm, cool, and—if all else fails—send your MOH out for a bottle of champagne.