You may be surprised what newlyweds wish they had done a bit differently.


With engagement season in full swing, wedding bliss is booming throughout the South (not to mention our newsfeeds). We can already feel the buzz of next year's brides as they click into the never-ending abyss of bridal Pinterest boards and buy up all the wedding magazines they can find. But, before the real planning gets underway, wouldn't it be nice to hear some advice from couples who were just in your shoes?

Zola thought so. The wedding registry website polled more than 750 recently married and engaged couples to compare what they prioritized most while planning with their greatest regrets and most memorable moments post-wedding.

The biggest wedding do-over on the list? Not hiring a videographer. More than a third of the couples wished they'd had a professional film highlighting their Big Day.

"Your wedding day can go by so quickly, the best way to savor everything is to hire a videographer," says Jennifer Spector, Zola's Newlywed-at-Large. "Your photographer might already have a videographer on their team, or recommend someone they like working with to help capture the big day without getting in the way."

Not surprisingly, newlyweds polled had regrets on how they spent their wedding budget as well. Many wished they'd spent more on vendors that captured the day's memories and made everything run smoothly, like videographers, photographers, and wedding planners, and less on details like flowers, décor, hair, and makeup.

The survey also revealed that pre-wedding planning priorities often change come wedding day. Before the Big Day, couples prioritized day-of wedding attire over their band or DJ, but newlyweds admitted post-wedding that their party entertainment made much more of an impact on their celebration. Similarly, the poll found that couples in the planning process placed little importance on their wedding cake, but newlyweds reflecting on their wedding reception rank it as one of the top ten most memorable pieces of the day.

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Of all the Big Day details, though, both couples planning and newlyweds agreed the venue was the top element for a "truly unforgettable" wedding. So, Southern brides, you're in luck. With beautiful barns, mountainside escapes, and stunning ballrooms in every corner of the South, this major, memorable decision just might be be easy as pie.