Lesson here? Don't propose near water.

By Michelle Darrisaw
September 27, 2017
H. Armstrong Roberts/ClassicStock/Getty Images

If you lose a tiny possession in a body of water, odds are, it'll be gone forever. But a Missouri couple just defied the odds when their diamond engagement ring was recovered near a pond in Loose Park in Kansas City.

You may remember Seth Dixon and Ruth Salas from a video circulated on Facebook earlier in September, which captured their proposal that went horribly wrong. The couple had been dating for four years. As Dixon and Salas were perched on a scenic bridge overlooking a pond in their favorite spot in the park, Dixon, in standard proposal form, got down on one knee to ask Salas for her hand in marriage. But that's when things took a turn for the worse.

When Dixon prepared to place the ring on her finger, he lost his grip and dropped it. The fancy diamond halo engagement ring, featuring a dainty criss-cross band, fell between the cracks in the bridge and into a pond below. Worst of all, the awkward moment was caught on camera.


"It ping-ponged through the crack and I hear it plop in the water," Salas said. "I didn't know what else to think but, 'Oh my goodness.'"

Their friends and nearby onlookers jumped into the pond to find it, but they came up empty handed. Dixon and Salas thought they had lost the ring forever, until a fellow Missourian and complete stranger offered to help them find it.

Michael Long, after hearing about the story and seeing the video on Facebook, was determined to recover and return the ring to its owners.

"I wanted to make sure they got it back before somebody else found it and had the opportunity to not give it back," Long said.

It took Long one metal detector, three 170-mile treks, and one failed diving attempt before he found the sparkling treasure in his three-hour search. Long returned the ring to Dixon and Salas during the week of September 18, grateful that he was able to finally give the couple peace of mind.

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Thanks to Michael Long and, arguably, the viral video posted on Facebook, Dixon was able to place the diamond stunner in its rightful place: on Salas' left finger. The relieved couple plans to get married sometime in October 2017.