A few key pointers to help the bride keep her cool on her wedding day.

Bridesmaids helping bride with her dress on wedding day
Credit: Caiaimage/Tom Merton/Getty Images

1. Have an Emergency Beauty Kit Handy
With all the details to remember, it can be easy to forget some essentials. Have the basics ready for the bride and the bridal party so that when small beauty mishaps arise, you can stop them from becoming major headaches. Here's what to have on hand: makeup removing wipes, makeup essentials—concealer, mascara, lipstick, blush, Q-tips, double stick tape, feminine products, safety pins, bobby pins, and a small sewing kit.

2. Pour Her a Drink
Now, make sure she doesn't throw too many back, but one or two glasses of champagne will take the edge off. A stellar bridesmaid will have a chilled bottle reserved for the moments before the bride walks down the aisle.

3. Help Her Visualize the Honeymoon
Keep her calm by giving her a calm and relaxing focus: the honeymoon. Ask questions about the honeymoon, and remind her how relaxing and wonderful it will be—and, that's it's only a day (or few days) away. Remembering that the stress of the wedding will soon pass is a great way to stop worrying over all the details.

4. Start an Impromptu Dance Party
After all, girls just want to have fun. A little bit of physical activity releases endorphins in the brain, and in turn reduces stress. A dance party with all her bridesmaids—and best friends—can also be a reminder to the bride, that this really is a fun day despite the high-intensity level.

5. Encourage a Little Meditation
Even a few minutes spent meditating can have a major calming effect. When tensions are high, tell the bride to take long, deep breaths, and coach her through meditating. Help her bring her focus back to the big picture (she is about to marry the man of her dreams!) and off of all the details (will she really remember that the there was an arrangement off-center in 10 years?) that may be causing her stress.

6. Remind Her You're There to Help
Be sure to jump in and take care of the little things so that she doesn't have to worry. Florists asking where to deliver the boutonnieres? Point her to the groomsmen's room. The bride left her earrings in car? Run and get them! You'd be surprised at how many little tasks you can take on to relieve the bride's stress.

7. Put on Relaxing Tunes
When it comes to reducing stress, music can be a really powerful tool. Figure out what the bride's favorite form of relaxing music is, and get a playlist ready. Keep it going right up until it's time to walk down the aisle to give the bride a sense of calm before she's in the spotlight.