This inspiring couple weathered more than just a little rain on their wedding day
Hurricane Harvey Wedding
Credit: Facebook / Twos Company Photography

"The only thing you need for a beautiful wedding is love, and from this story, it seems you have that in spades," commented Ellen DeGeneres on the jaw-dropping photo above in a recent Facebook post.

Ellen certainly hit the nail on the head in describing the bond between Shelley and Chris Holland. The couple married Saturday, September 2nd despite Harvey destroying all of their wedding plans from cake to chapel. With only a day's time, the couple scrambled to make the best of the situation and not let Harvey derail their wedding.

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Shelley Holland took to Facebook to express her gratitude to the people who went above and beyond to help save her wedding day. In her emotional note, Holland gives thanks to their pastor, Jorge Cardeas, along with the wedding coordinator, Evelin, at Church on the Rock Katy Texas. She also highlights the phenomenal work of photographers, Jim and Andi Davis, who took to the flooded streets to capture their powerful love.

While the greater Houston area still has a long road to recovery, the couple's resilience shows us all that life's greatest moments come by persevering through hardships. As photographers Jim and Andi Davis said in a Facebook post, "They were a great reminder today of who cares what life throws at us, the important thing is to love one another, and these two did exactly that."