Why have cake when you can have milkshakes?

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The Groom's cake originated in the Victorian Era and has since become a strong tradition for Southern weddings. While it remains a popular way for the groom to celebrate his hobbies, favorite sports team, or accomplishments–a new trend is on the rise. Grooms are opting for an alternative to cake.

Whether it's a late night snack, a traditional family recipe, a first date dessert, or a childhood guilty pleasure, the alternative to the groom's cake can tell just as much about the groom as an impressive 3D Yeti cooler filled with fondant fish! So go ahead, you have permission to break this tradition!

Guests always appreciate a variety of options along with a good story and an experience to remember. Here are a few worthy options that our friends at TwoBeWed shared:

Ice Cream

Ice Cream is the perfect antidote for those warm southern nights. Flavor, topping, and display options are endless and now there are even nitrogen caterers like Freezing Point who whip up fresh ice cream on the spot in fancy Kitchen Aid mixers. A Blue Bell sundae station next to the cake serves as a perfect accompaniment and experience for your guests. Bring out the kid in every guest with an ice cream truck waiting in the valet at the end of the reception. Can't you just hear that ice cream truck music playing in your ears?


Pie is a yummy alternative to cake and could be a way to get the whole family involved. Ask aunts, grandmothers, or other close family friends to make a variety of the groom's favorite pies and display the recipes on beautiful custom stationery. Miniature Sweet n Salty pies in jars from a bakery like Royer's Pie Haven in Round Top, Texas are also nostalgic and fitting for an elevated country casual reception. Add a clever tag or sticker to the jar for a branded look.


You will never go wrong with fresh baked chocolate chip fudge cookies and spiked milk in shooters. A little whiskey goes a long way for those guests breaking it down on the dance floor! Shortbread cookies can be personalized with a monogram, hashtag, or a silly picture of the groom back in the day!

Milkshakes or Floats

Guests love easy grab and go desserts like milkshakes and floats! If Bourbon is your groom's drink of choice, give the milkshake a kick and serve it adult style with a splash of spirit! Root Beer, Coke, or Cheerwine floats also make a delicious treat. Purchase fun straws or stirrers to bring in your wedding color palette and make it picture perfect.

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Donuts are definitely having a moment in the wedding world right now and we can understand why! Who doesn't love fried sugar bread covered in more sugar? Whether you are creating a donut tower, displaying them on a wall, or packaging them up to go- donuts are in it to win the hearts of wedding partygoers.

Pizza or Other Late Night Snacks

Instead of a specialty dessert go savory. If pizza is his go-to then have slices individually packaged in custom pizza boxes ready for takeout as your guests wait for Uber or get on the shuttle bus. Breakfast tacos, sliders and French fry cones, and chicken and waffles are calorie heavy treats for your drinking crowd and can easily be passed to your guests on the dance floor.