Sooner is always better than later.
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Sooner is always better than later
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When it comes to wedding etiquette, some guidelines fall into gray areas and are up for debate. Different regions and different family traditions may hold varying opinions on wedding rules such as proper timing for RSVP'ing, sending thank-you notes, and delivering gifts. While there's no formula for calculating the right time to give newlyweds a present, there's a general agreed-upon time frame that most people abide by: Gifts should be given within a year of the wedding.

Emily Post's Wedding Gift Timeline

Etiquette expert Emily Post suggests that wedding gifts should be given after receiving the invitation or within three months of the wedding. We agree—this is probably the most ideal time frame to present newlyweds with a gift. It's best to give a wedding gift while the invitation is still hanging on your refrigerator or while the celebration is still fresh on your mind; that way, you're less likely to forget about buying a present altogether. Delivering a gift about two weeks before the wedding is an even more ideal time, so the present can be incorporated into the new couple's home when they return from their honeymoon.

How Long Do You Have to Send a Wedding Gift?

Sooner is always better than later, but guests are technically given a more lenient timeline for delivering wedding presents. The idea of "better late than never" may be pushing it, but the sentiment of a wedding gift is always appreciated. It's okay if you miss the suggested three-month period; the newlyweds will still be grateful for your gift and the thought you put into it—even if it's given within the year of their nuptials

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Visit the couple's registry (did any of these unique spots make their list?), and choose a gift they will use and cherish forever. Or think outside the box, and give the newlyweds a memorable gift of adventure that fits your budget.