Soon-to-be newlyweds, take note (before Aunt Mae calls you out on your mistakes).

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When it comes to wedding etiquette, young couples can feel like they've been hit with an endless list of do's and don'ts. While some rules become more and more flexible with every new wedding trend that hits the web, others remain hard and fast. One such wedding staple? Your registry.

Don't get us wrong. We believe every wedding registry should be unique, including exactly what a couple feels they need to start a building a life together. But, there is a right way to navigate the nuances of suggesting wedding gifts.

Take a look at some registry slip-ups you may not know your making to ensure your guests aren't gawking at your mistakes before they've even made it to the main event.
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Mistake 1: Including Your Registry On Your Invitation

It's never proper to include registry information on an invitation to your wedding ceremony or reception. Keep the focus on your guests rather than gifts, and make them feel welcomed, not required to hand over a gift in exchange for entry to your celebration. Instead, include your wedding website on your save the date and list your wedding registries, along with other important wedding details, there.

Mistake 2: Asking Directly for Cash

These days, it's just as common to see honeymoon and down-payment registries as it is to see a formal china wish list. While it's completely acceptable to signal that rather than china or crystal, you'd like help buying your own dream home, it's never okay to ask directly for cash. Be careful with your wording and let your guests know what you'll be using their contributions for to ensure you're not crossing a thin line between tactful and tacky. Sites likes Zola and Honey Fund can help make this feel seamless.

Mistake 3: Registering for Only Expensive Pieces

Definitely put dream gifts on your list (we all know that KitchenAid stand mixer is worth it), but you shouldn't only register for big-ticket items. Every guest's budget is different, so the best registries have a good mix of both prices and products. If you only request pricey pieces, you just might be forcing guests to go off registry to find gifts that fit their price points.

Mistake 4: Only Registering for Modern Items

Couples should feel empowered to create a less traditional registry if they're looking to start their lives brand new with gardening tools or sporting equipment. However, many guests, especially older ones, may not feel as comfortable gifting you camping gear as they may feel about wrapping up a beautiful set of glass goblets. Even if it's a small group, be sure to include a list classic options to help guests find a gift that suits both them and you.

Mistake 5: Registering at Too Many Places

You can create more than one registry to make sure you've found just the right things, but limit it to three or four. You want to be helpful by offering your guests store options and gift variety, but you don't want to look self-indulgent by listing off every gift you've ever dreamed of getting.

Mistake 6: Not Maintaining Your Registry

Once that shower invitation or wedding suite goes out, get ready for a gift frenzy. If you don't frequently check on and update your registry, you may be limiting your guests' gift options to pieces above their price range or outside of their comfort zone. Maintain your registry throughout your engagement, not just once or twice, to make sure your guests can find a gift they'll be excited about.