When it comes to wedding gifts, there's always pressure to pick the most unique option. Whether you're strapped for cash or just looking to amp up your gift-giving, try going in with friends to give adventure - a wedding present that the newlyweds will be sure to treasure. Lucky for us, Zola has come up with the ideal solution for making sure the bride and groom get the best gift ever - cash funds.

Here are five memorable experiences that you and four friends can give the couple:

Brewery Tour—Around $10 each

Send the happy couple on a brewery tour. There are hundreds of craft breweries scattered around the South, and many offer beer tastings or factory tours. If the newlyweds aren't into the local beer scene, try a distillery or winery tour, instead. This $50 cash fund will allow for a fun afternoon date - extra drinks included. Go the extra mile and find options in the area with seasonal brews or yummy appetizers.

If you're in the Birmingham, Alabama area, check out Avondale Brewery. Tickets are $15 per person, and include the tour, some swag, and a pint of brew.

Horseback Riding—Around $20 each

Romantic horseback rides are the ultimate couple experience. With this $100 cash fund, the bride and groom can ride off into the Southern sunset at a local horse stable. Take it to the next level with personal recommendations - some farms even offer private, guided trail rides and gourmet picnics.

For beautiful views of the Blue Ridge Mountains, take a trail ride at Mountaintop Ranch in Elkton, Virginia. Tickets are $45 per person for a personally guided and narrated tour.

Overnight Stay at a Bed & Breakfast—Around $50 each

Give the newlyweds a quiet retreat to a bed & breakfast. This sweet $250 cash fund allows the couple to take a breather from their busy new life for some peace and relaxation in each other's company. Show some extra love by choosing a charming location, picking out a few local activities, and recommending a romantic restaurant.

For historic charm (and access to spa amenities), visit Mount Victoria Bed & Breakfast Inn in Eureka Springs, Arkansas. The Inn offers luxurious, antique-decorated suites for as low as $125/night.

Hot Air Balloon Ride—Around $75 each

Up, up and away! Gift a hot air balloon ride to the couple and let their love soar to new heights. This $375 cash fund will be a memorable adventure for the bride and groom, and can even create a deeper connection to the local countryside or towns. Throw in some additional joy by accompanying this gift with a bottle of champagne.

Are the newlyweds honeymooning in the Sunshine State? Bob's Balloons in Orlando, Florida offers hot air balloon rides for $175/person.

5 Years of Anniversary Dinners—Around $100 each

What could be more thoughtful than five years worth of anniversary dinners? This extra-special $500 cash fund will give the bride and groom five very special nights in the years to come - a great option for newlyweds who'd otherwise be sticking to a tight budget. For a sweet touch, have each contributor write an anniversary card for the couple to open at dinner.

If you're more into the traditional gift-giving route, there's also a ton of cool options in the Southern Living Ultimate Wedding Registry.