Baking Gifts Are Keeping Would-Have-Been-Wed Couples Sane in Quarantine

Why wait for a bite of cake on your postponed wedding date when you can bake a little something at home?

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No matter how you look at it, this year has been anything but friendly to our brides. From postponed wedding dates to cancelled bachelorette parties, the coronavirus pandemic sent an entire year's worth of celebrations spiraling. A virtual bridal shower just isn't quite the same… trust us. We've tried.

Just because everything has changed doesn't mean you can't shower your loved ones with well wishes and gifts from afar. While some are grabbing their stamps to send a sweet note on what would have been a couple's wedding day, most wedding guests are still marking the occasion by sending a gift now–not waiting until the postponed date. According to The Knot Registry, guests are gifting early, and sometimes twice, as a way to support couples who are dealing with shifting plans.

Couples have continued to register to keep up with the mini celebrations that keep showing up on their doorsteps. Though brides are still putting classic gifts on their wish list, newfound hobbies they've discovered with their extra time at home are influencing their registry decisions more and more.

With bread baking and cake making taking over the internet recently, it should come as no surprise that baking has become the most popular registry category on The Knot Registry. Their data shows that couples are asking for more bakeware and cookware than before, with mixing bowls, nonstick cooking utensil sets, and measuring cup sets among the most popular wedding registry gifts right now. Why wait for a bite of cake until your postponed wedding date when you can bake a little something at home?

More time in the kitchen has also led to an increased popularity for home appliance funds. Couples who may have originally asked for honeymoon funds on their registry–gifts to help with round-trip airfare or drinks on the beach–are now finding their joy in an upgraded fridge or grill. We can't blame them.

Couples may be cooped up and canceling plans now, but we have a feeling these baking gifts will be around to bake goodies for many years of celebrations to come.

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