Southern weddings are extravagant and stately. The wedding guests usually include every friendly neighbor and family member east of the Mississippi River, and about a dozen bridesmaids and groomsmen in the wedding party. Translation? The bride and groom pay out a hefty sum to make their big day special. One way you can easily cut costs for your summer wedding is by making your own floral accessories, like this picture-perfect boutonniere. Built as a mini bouquet and wrapped in elegant cord, we've got Senior Stylist and floral expert Buffy Hargett sharing her tips on creating your own boutonniere (for much less work and money than you'd expect!). In this simple summer wedding craft, Buffy uses two rosebuds, some berries for texture, ruffled astilbe, and the ever-elegant dusty miller. She's also sharing her floral secret to keeping fresh leaves standing in the boutonniere for the entire ceremony. With this wedding how-to, you can save money and personalize your boutonnieres in one fell swoop.

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