10 Ways to Incorporate Gardenias Into Your Wedding

Gardenia Wreath
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You might think gardenias were created specifically for Southern brides. Along with some of the whimsical and eccentric wedding traditions we have down South, it would stand to reason we have our own wedding flower, as well. A snowy white bloom, glossy evergreen leaves, and an intoxicating fragrance make this flower a natural and beautiful choice for arrangements. Prolific and seemingly grown in every grandmothers' yard, gardenias have been a favorite wedding flower for generations. Brides still choose them today, but they can quickly add to the expense of the wedding, plus they are very fragile—too much handling can cause the petals to turn brown quickly. Ask for advice from your wedding florist on the best way to incorporate gardenias into your wedding arrangements. And remember, the fragrance is very strong, so make sure your wedding party can handle it! Whether you want to use a single bloom as a boutonneire or envision an entire bouquet of nothing but gardenias, check out these pins of our favorite ways to incorporate gardenias into your wedding.

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Mixed with Green

Gardenia and Green Bouquet
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This beautiful bouquet has Southern summer written all over it.

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As a Hairpiece

Gardenia Hairpiece
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If you don't want to carry a bouquet full of gardenias, wear one or two in your hair for a classic yet unfussy look.

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Gardenia Boutonniere
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A single white bloom, set against a dark colored tux, makes a striking picture. Once pinned in place the bloom won't be handled, so it shouldn't wilt before the party is over.

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Alongside Peonies

Gardenia and Peony Bouquet
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Intersperse gardenias with other white flowers, like peonies, in your bouquet. If a gardenia bloom starts to brown, simply pluck it out and replace it with another.

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Flower Girl Wreath

Gardenia Wreath
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Your flower girl will look adorable walking down the aisle with this fragrant wreath, and she won't have to worry about tossing petals in her path.

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Floating in Water

Floating Gardenia Arrangement
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For pretty but simple table accents, use glass bowls or cylinders to float gardenia blooms in water.

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Adorn the Cake

Gardenia and White Wedding Cake
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You can speak volumes with a minimal display. This beautiful cake is stunning in its simplicity, yet your guests will clearly understand that the gardenia is your flower of choice.

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Colorful Mix

Spring Mix Gardenia Bouquet
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For a colorful show, mix the best that spring has to offer. With a combination of flowers, you don't need to splurge on so many gardenias. And if one starts to turn brown, pluck it out and quickly replace it with another.

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Small Arrangements

Gardenia Mason Jar Arrangement

Perfect for a casual bridesmaids' brunch or small reception, nothing beats the clean and simple look of fresh blooms in mason jars.

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Mixed with Hydrangeas

Hydrangea and Gardenia Champagne Bucket Centerpiece
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For a champagne brunch or moonlit dinner, create a stunning centerpiece using a classic container such as a china teapot or sterling silver urn. Fill it with white flowers, including gardenias, roses, and hydrangeas, along with the glossy green gardenia leaves.

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