Photo courtesy of Janette Wall

Our autumn weddings are in full swing, and here at Southern Living, we're loving the deep colors, beautiful backdrops, and charming Fall projects. We'll be bringing you Southern wedding-related posts—DIY ideas, etiquette tips, real weddings and more.

Just in time for Thanksgiving, the team at Ooh Events has brought us elegant bouquets of color for the table. Whether you're decorating for the wedding reception, setting tables for the rehearsal dinner or just planning for a fabulous soiree, these vibrant arrangements make great centerpieces. An added bonus? You can customize them as much as you'd like.


The Project: DIY Centerpiece

Level: Easy

Timeline: 2 days before reception

Materials: Fresh flowers (we used Peach Roses, Yellow Peonies, Maidenhair Fern, Sea Holly, Coral Spray Roses, Delphinium, Rose Hips, Umbrella Fern, Chamomile, and Crocosmia) Floral tape Pruning shears (or scissors)


  1. Stop by your local florist and choose some bright flowers that catch your eye. Supplement your arrangement with local flora. Whether you have greenery around your backyard or in a local park, pick fresh blooms that are in season. Not only will this tie your arrangements into autumn, it'll also be more cost-effective.
  2. Create a taped grid base (as shown in the photo above) for your floral container. This keeps the flowers in place.
  3. Begin arranging your largest and prettiest blooms – what will be the focal points of your arrangement – in the vase. Make sure to scale the height of these flowers according to the size of your container. When cutting, give each flower a fresh, diagonal cut so that they stay fresher, longer. Insert the flowers at an angle to prevent the blooms from moving around or falling out.
  4. Once you have your biggest pieces situated, start adding texture by positioning greenery, berries, and smaller pieces amongst the taller pieces. For this arrangement, we wanted a wild and organic look. We left the blooms fairly loose, and the final arrangement is almost as wide as it is tall.