Photo courtesy of Ron Wendt Design

Our autumn weddings are in full swing, and here at Southern Living, we're loving the deep colors, beautiful backdrops, and charming Fall projects. We'll be bringing you Southern wedding-related posts—DIY ideas, etiquette tips, real weddings and more. This week, we're collaborating with Ron Wendt of Ron Wendt Design, a native Texan who's behind the exquisite floral events of Louis Vuitton, Chanel and Cartier.

Camellia is a timeless Southern flower, and can often be found right outside our front doors in the garden. If you'd rather create a more traditional boutonniere, substitute the camellia for an open garden rose that has been peeled back.


The Project: DIY Camellia Boutonniere

Level: Moderate

Timeline: A week before the wedding

Materials:Camellia foliage, camellia blossom 30 gauge floral wire 1/2" floral tape


1. With a piece of the florist wire, make a small "stitch" through the midpoint of the spine of the camellia leaf. Bend both ends of the wire down and twist slightly around the leaf stem. Wrap the wire and stem with floral tape.

2. Gently push a piece of florist wire through the base of the camellia, right under the calyx where the flower connects to the stem. Pull the wire halfway through, as shown in the image below. Bend both ends down and wrap with florist tape, starting at the point where you pushed the wire through.


3. Place the flower on top of two camellia leaves. For an extra touch, choose a leaf with a bud attached. Wrap the flower and leaves together with florist tape, making a neat green wire stem. Trim to about 2". Pin the boutonniere to the left lapel of the suit.