Looking for the perfect accessory for any Southern wedding? Flowers, of course! Between corsages, boutonnieres, and table arrangements, flowers add a bit of charm to the big day! So, whether you’re throwing a backyard celebration or a more formal event, beautiful blooms are always a great way to express Southern style. Brides love to add pops of color to their wedding day, but how much do the fragrant embellishments actually cost? Surprisingly, the bride and groom often spend around eight percent of their total budgets on wedding flowers. Prices depend on the choice between the casual daisy, the romantic rose, or the lush pink peony; selecting a flower that’s not in season will surely lead to more expenses. Easy-to-grow flowers, like carnations and baby’s breath, usually cost less. Simple bridal bouquets cost around $150, while more elaborate bouquets can triple in price. Finding gorgeous and inexpensive flowers makes for a happy newlywed couple!

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