The rustic, cozy appeal of an outdoor fall wedding is hard to beat here in the South where the changing hues of the leaves, the breezy autumn air, and the naturally enchanting feel of the season all make for an idyllic outdoor affair. When it comes to fall weddings, we can’t get enough of the warm color palette, rustic accents, and fresh autumn foliage that can make it a truly bountiful occasion full of love and good times. You can bring your own creative touch to any fall wedding with fresh, do-it-yourself boutonnieres for the groom and his groomsmen—it’s a wonderful way to embrace the theme in your own taste and save money at the same time! We have three fall boutonniere inspirations for your fall wedding with different greenery, flowers, and finishing accents, and they are sure to get you started on your perfect fall boutonniere. Quick tip: keep them fresh in water until the ceremony with our easy hack!

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