Below the Mason-Dixon, wedding plans take years in the making! Little Southern girls start imagining what the special day will be like from the moment they experience their first crush, and preparation begins long before the hopeful groom-to-be gets down on a knee. When it’s eventually time to get hitched, the list of choices to make and tasks to complete can seem to be endless. The first step is usually choosing the perfect place to say, “I do”. If you’re throwing a more lavish extravaganza, the wedding venue can easily cost over a hundred thousand dollars! Some of the most expensive wedding venues in the U.S. include: the sloping lawns of the Cedar Lakes Estate, the serene ocean views of the Monarch Beach Resort, and the historic Oceana Restaurant. The more expensive venues usually provide an open bar, reception chairs, and a well-established photographer, which definitely makes the hectic day a bit more relaxing for the celebrated couple!

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