8 Engagement Ring Trends You'll See in 2022

Experts weigh in on what's up and coming in the world of engagement rings.

Once you find that special love and conversation turns to marriage, there's that one little—ok, big!—highly anticipated step in between: getting engaged! Of course, just like your marriage, your engagement ring should stand the test of time. However, as years come and go, so do trends. Of course, you don't have to stick with what fashion dictates, but knowing what's cutting edge can guide your decision when it comes to choosing the perfect piece. From going local to making a conscious purchase, here are eight engagement ring trends for 2022.

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Eye-catching Designs

Classic settings will always remain timeless, yet other couples are opting for the unique. "One trend that I have seen for a while and I expect will continue is the alternative trend," says Tavia Brown, who designs and makes jewelry for her business, taviametal, located in Charlottesville, Virginia. Her couples treasure the handcrafted, non-machined look of Brown's pieces. She has also designed engagement rings with mixed metals, asymmetrical stones, and raw stones to add interest.

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Commissioned Pieces

If you and your significant other appreciate artisan goods, commission a one-of-a-kind piece, perfect for the couple who has difficulty finding what they want. "When couples are shopping for their engagement rings in 2022, they will be looking for a personalized and custom experience," says Bri Marbais, bridal stylist at The Bridal Finery in Winter Park, Florida. "This allows them to incorporate their personalities and love stories in unique ways." Although there are plenty of ready-made pieces available, couples are opting to create their rings from scratch.

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Incorporating Heirlooms

Many families have sentimental rings that once belonged to a grandmother or other relative. You can wear these pieces as-is, or gemstones and metals can be reworked into different designs. Either way, including a family heirloom is especially meaningful. "We encourage couples to explore the option when shopping for their engagement rings and even consult with their families on the opportunity of any fun heirloom pieces that could be incorporated," says Marbais. When considering preloved jewelry, think beyond rings as precious metals and gemstones from other accessories—such as necklaces and earrings—can be reworked into an engagement ring that showcases your love.

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Vintage-Inspired Rings

Another trend that can add an element of the unique is elevated vintage settings. "This isn't your grandmother's cocktail ring but rather a customized and well-curated nod to nostalgia with a beautiful diamond front and center," states Meredith Ryncarz, owner of Meredith Ryncarz Photography in Savannah, Georgia. Not only does this stem from a desire to be different, but TV shows are influencing this trend. "With Bridgerton playing a heavy influence on weddings, there is a push for all things vintage, not only in dress design but engagement rings as well," Ryncarz adds.

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Colored Gemstones

Think diamonds are a girl's best friend? For some, yes, but for others, colored gemstones are on their mind. "Though diamonds will always be at the forefront of popularity, a new trend of unique gemstones—such as sapphires, rubies, and emeralds—offers an opportunity to incorporate your significant other's favorite color," suggests Marci Guttenberg, owner of An Affair To Remember By Marci, located in Pompano Beach, Florida. Ryncarz indicates that this trend will further increase with Spencer—a biographical drama about Princess Diana—on the horizon. "With the new movie Spencer coming out in November, there will be a huge resurgence in the desire for colored stones as a part of engagement rings influenced by Princess Diana's well-known sapphire ring."

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Shopping Local

"For most couples, their engagement rings and wedding bands are their first experience with purchasing fine jewelry, which can be a completely overwhelming and intimidating process," advises Marbais. Because an engagement ring is a substantial investment and something you'll wear for a long time, it's essential to get to know your jeweler. "In 2022, couples will be seeking out the local jewelry stores rather than the larger chains because they are looking for that personal touch and warmer experience," adds Marbais. The added benefit of shopping locally is that your jeweler can clean, inspect, and possibly even repair your ring.

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Sustainably-Sourced Diamonds

Although Blood Diamond came out over a decade ago, its subject matter alerted folks to consider how their stones are sourced. Terms like conflict-free and lab-grown started to appear, and this diamond trend keeps gaining traction as folks try to be kinder to the environment. "Diamonds used to be the only choice for wedding rings," says Leneille Moon, creative director of the Special Event Factory in Roswell, Georgia. "However, after various documentaries have highlighted the violent history of diamond mining and its effects on the local communities, many have opted for other stones for their rings." Options, such as colored gemstones, moonstone, and responsibly-sourced diamonds are beautiful alternatives.

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Symbolic Pieces

"Couples want the engagement ring to signify so much more than their union," suggests Brown. "They want them to exude the wearer's personality and have some essence of the giver's heart as well. The personal touch really sparks, and a couple's engagement ring can really tell a story." Of course, getting creative with your ring sometimes means bucking trends, and that's ok. Your engagement ring reflects your relationship and is a constant reminder of your love for your partner—forever.

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