Wedding Dress Trends We Can't Wait to See in 2022

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Engagement season is upon us, and if you have a long-time significant other, there's a possibility that you may be receiving a ring soon. It's an exciting time of life, and once the proposal is over, you probably can't wait to look for a wedding dress. Whether you see yourself in a Cinderella-style, tulle ballgown, or something a bit silkier and tailored, finding the perfect dress takes time, and upcoming bridal fashions may influence your decision. Take a peek at these eight wedding dress trends straight from the pros that you'll see in the lineup for 2022 brides.

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Impeccable Detailing

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Even if you've never laid eyes on an episode of Bridgerton, you've probably seen photos, and you will definitely see the show's influence on 2022 wedding dress trends. "Bridgerton has certainly left its mark on the world of weddings and has definitely done so for wedding gowns," suggests Bri Marbais, a bridal stylist at The Bridal Finery in Winter Park, Florida. She has noticed the presence of sophisticated details, such as sheer fabrics, delicate lace, and visible boning. "It's a tasteful and timeless, and we are definitely here for it," says Marbais.

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Transitional Pieces

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For over a decade, it's been popular to wear a second gown for the wedding reception. However, today's brides are getting a bit more creative and adding—or taking away—parts of their wedding attire to showcase a different look. "Transitional pieces allow you to take off or add in different elements to the dress throughout the day," says Meredith Ryncarz, the owner of Meredith Ryncarz Photography in Savannah, Georgia. Brides are selecting detachable sleeves, beaded skirt overlays, removable bows, and flowing capes." All of these pieces function as accents during the ceremony but easily detach as the night goes on," Ryncarz says.

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Feather Accents

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Feathers have become popular in recent years, so their presence in 2022 bridal fashion trends is a natural transition. "Gowns with lots of feathers are having a moment," advises Emilie Dulles, a bespoke stationery designer with Dulles Designs. Although feathered gowns are beautiful, they are not the most practical for dancing the night away. For that reason, Dulles suggests wearing a different gown for your reception so that you can move freely. Also, if you are concerned about sourcing and sustainability, research the wedding dress brand to see how their feathers are collected.

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Statement Cutouts

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Plunging necklines and extended slits are trending for 2022 wedding gowns, as are strategically placed cutouts at the waist. However, if you're more conservative or have a church wedding, save these potentially revealing styles for after the ceremony. "Deep v-necks and thigh-high gown designs are simply too revealing," advises Dulles. "These sexier gowns are best suited for an outdoor ceremony or your reception and after-party celebrations." Another option is to use a beaded overlay to cover the exposed area during the wedding and then remove it during the reception.

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Oversized Accessories

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Although a bride may not ever wear her wedding gown again, purchasing bridal accessories is a way that ladies can splurge while investing in their future. "Instead of choosing a piece that they will typically only wear once, brides will be looking for options they can wear time and time again," reveals Marbais. "Statement earrings, headbands, and bows are going to make waves in 2022." In addition, going over the top with accents will complement a minimalistic gown and allow the accessories to shine.

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Bridal Separates

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A bit different from transitional pieces, wearing bridal separates is similar to wearing a top and skirt instead of a dress. "Bridal separates are definitely going to make a statement in 2022. Bridal designers have unique, modern, and fashion-forward ways to provide layering for their brides," suggests Marbais.

Creating a second look is also effortless with separates as brides can swap out the top or bottom. "It's the perfect way for brides to achieve two looks in one without having a complete ensemble change," Marbais says. Dulles also notes that bridal separates are becoming popular with those going to the altar for a second—or third–time. "Chic separates are very popular with second-time brides or more mature brides who want to express their own distinctive bridal aesthetic," she suggests.

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Sendoff Dresses

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Changing into a more casual dress for the wedding exit and subsequent honeymoon is a tradition that has ebbed and flowed over time. Thankfully, 2022 wedding gown trends show a renaissance of the getaway dress. "We are even seeing a resurgence in the once-popular sendoff dresses," advises Ryncarz. "This was popular back in the '40s and '50s, and we are loving that brides no longer have to resign themselves to just one dress." Swapping a flowy wedding gown for a chic cocktail dress can add to a sleek getaway.

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Independent Designers

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Today's brides crave unique designs, and purchasing from indie brands and independent designers ensures that a wedding gown is truly exceptional. Sarah Gerson, a stylist at Miranda Bennett Studio in Austin, Texas, recalls one bride who wanted to feel the comfort of knowing where her gown came from while also being able to wear the dress long after the big day.

"Instead of spending $3,000 or more on a dress that she'd wear one time and that's made in parts unknown, she wanted to invest that money in enhancing her entire wardrobe—selecting a wedding dress and looks for each wedding event that she could wear again and again," recalls Gerson. "Additionally, every aspect of her wedding was sourced from independent, local, women-owned businesses. She saw the entire occasion as an opportunity to empower herself and others." Supporting independent designers and choosing timeless pieces are both growing trends for 2022 brides and beyond.

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