Never buy an ugly bridesmaid's dress again.

Credit: Rent the Runway

"And the best part is, you can shorten it and wear it again!" It's a tale as old as time: Bride chooses ugly bridesmaid dress; bride tells bridesmaid that she'll absolutely wear it again; bridesmaid wears ugly dress with a smile on her face, then donates or sells it shortly following the ceremony. It's a tale so unequivocally regarded as an unfortunate, but inevitable element of the wedding planning process, that the movie 27 Dresses even adopted it as a theme throughout.

But it doesn't have to be that way!

Brides and bridesmaids, listen up. Rent the Runway, the clothing rental service that's saved you from looking blah at the countless weddings you've attended this past year, is now offering a concierge service tailored towards brides and their ‘maids.

Here's how it works: Rather than buying dresses, bridesmaids instead book a 4- or 8-day rental through Rent the Runway (RTR). Starting at $159, the bridesmaid concierge package includes a designer dress, a complimentary accessory to wear with the look, and a virtual styling session with RTR's wedding trend experts. If you've ever bought a bridesmaid dress, you know it's hard to beat the price, especially when you consider that it comes with one of your accessories. All that you'll have to take care of yourself is the pair of shoes! Score.

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Of course, brides don't have it easy when it comes to dressing for their myriad wedding-related occasions, so Rent the Runway is offering a new service for them, too.

Brides can choose from four packages, each of which includes an on-call concierge to answer any questions, an at-home fitting to ensure looks fit well, and a complimentary accessory for each of the looks. While Rent the Runway hasn't ventured into bridal gown territory just yet, the bridal concierge packages, which start at $200 for two looks, are designed to help dress brides for everything but the ceremony itself, from engagement parties to the rehearsal dinner. It cuts down on serious shopping time, plus it's more affordable than buying a new dress for every single event.

Looking oh-so-bridal on a budget? That's our kind of deal.