The "Other" Wedding Dress Grace Kelly Wore That We Adore

This fashion icon looked beautiful in blush far before it was a bridal trend.

Widely considered one of the most iconic wedding dresses of all time, it's undeniable that Grace Kelly looked romantically regal on her wedding gown in 1956. Her dress, a confection of silk, taffeta, tulle, and Belgian lace, easily lands the American princess atop the list for best bridal style of all time. Though her celebrated look set the stage for other memorable bridal moments, like the Duchess of Cambridge's gown, she also paved the way for more recent bridal trends: blush bridal couture and the second wedding ensemble.

Grace Kelly

3777/Gamma-Rapho via Getty

3777/Gamma-Rapho via Getty

In the days leading up to her fairytale affair, Kelly graced us with multiple bridal looks, including a notable blush two-piece created by the same designer who crafted her memorable bell-shaped bridal gown – MGM costume designer Helen Rose.

The Oscar winner worked with Rose on multiple films, but in our opinion, this embroidered beauty takes the cake. The look, which the star wore to a private civil ceremony at the royal palace the day before the wedding, featured champagne and pink floral embroidery and a hand run Alençon lace. The ladylike outfit's blush tones and tea-length skirt were topped off with a Juliet cap and a beautiful pair of gloves.

Grace Kelly Civil Wedding Ceremony Suit
Bettmann via Getty Images

But far before the multiple bridal look trend was popping up all over Pinterest, this fairytale princess bride stunned in yet two more stylish pre-wedding ensembles. Post pretty pink suit, Kelly stepped out in sweet tea-length dress to publicly accept well wishes before her wedding. Finally, the star stunned at a Monaco Opera gala in a white silk Lanvin gown.

Grace Kelly Public Well Wishes Wedding Look
Joseph McKeown via Getty Images

So, the next time Mama voices concerns over the blush bridal look you're swooning over or complains you're eyeing multiple ensembles for your Big Day, just gently point her in the direction of Grace Kelly, who pulled it all off with style and grace.

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